Assessment Center

Putting potential employees to the test

The assessment center is a personnel selection process for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the participating candidates based on tasks which are in the context of the position to be filled. The procedure is available in the form of an individual or group assessment center.


The biggest advantage of the Assessment Center is you can test the suitability of a candidate based on relevant exercises and case studies that are specially customized to your business and to the position to be filled. To provide a complete picture, further psychological tests can be added.

Evaluation by several assessors and the opportunity to observe the candidate over an extended period make the outcome of an assessment center more objective than other selection instruments. Companies preparing for an assessment center deal intensively with the job and requirement profile, which makes them especially aware of the criteria the ideal candidate should fulfill.  This helps minimize the client´s risk of hiring the wrong person.

Joining the company is easier for candidates who have been selected via an assessment center. Upon entering they already have their first contact persons, and joint decision-making in the assessment center creates from the start a greater trust between the new employee and his surroundings. 


Our consultants conceive and moderate the Assessment Center, take on the training of the assessors, are available when needed as characters in role-playing games and ensure a professional and efficient work-flow. Following the assessment center, the participants receive in-depth feedback on their strengths and their development potential, so that participation is definitely of benefit to the candidate.