Personalentwicklung - Kampfsport

Development - Coaching

Individual and specific solutions for private and business situations


Whether you wish to find short-term solutions and improvements in defined areas or wish to be certain that the offered solutions have the desired effect in the long run, ISG also offers advanced personal coaching and training courses.


  • personal career and development planning
  • stress management
  • work life balance
  • self-motivation and the use of incentives
  • responsibilities of leadership
  • team leadership
  • breaking habits and accustomed patterns
  • support with decision-making via structured reflection
  • backing executives and staff in tough situations
  • dealing with difficult persons (peers, superiors, customers)
  • conflict resolution
  • problems arising from time management issues
  • self-perception issues


  • will be tailored to your needs: we will jointly co-ordinate the methods to be applied, set the appropriate time frame and pick your coach
  • is characterized by a systemic approach and thus solution-oriented: the coach’s attention will be focused on the future, therefore being able to find long-term solutions
  • is unique and creative: Your coach will undertake the task of opening up your patterns of thought with the help of certain coaching techniques in order to enhance your perception of the questions posed
  • is practical and efficient: Its aim is to find solutions which make business implementations discernible immediately. The process of coaching also facilitates finding your focus. Impetus and goal-oriented input by the coach aims at stressing and maintaining sustained solutions.
Systemic Coaching

Individual questions and topics can be openly discussed with the coach, viewed from different angles and perspectives to guide the coachee to his/her individual solution. Systemic Coaching is especially useful for personal or emotionally “tensed” topics (e.g. time management).

Expert Coaching

Intensive individual training sessions focused on an expert/professional topic (e.g. Sales, Leadership, Presentation Skills, Communication etc.) The expert coaching is centered on the compressed transfer of knowledge in short time paired with the possibility to train specific situations.


The coachee is joined by the coach/consultant in different situation during his daily work routine (e.g. a key accountant at a sales pitch with the client etc.) The coach supports the coachee in his/her preparation as well as the follow up, through observation and feedback.

On-the-Job Coaching

Similar to the Joint Visits, the coach hands out feedback to the coachee about his observation during his work routine (e.g. acquisition of new customers on the phone). Depending on the topic the Coach/Consultant adds some of his expertise into the coaching.

Role Play-Coaching

A special situation (appraisal interview, conflict situation, negotiation situation etc.) is repeatedly trained with the coach. Alternative behaviors can be tested and trained. 


If the main issues of the employees is not based on the personal/business level but rather on the daily interaction of the whole team (e.g. coordination, interpersonal conflicts, definition of work tasks) we recommend a “joint time out” with external moderation, to solve the issue together, away from the daily routine.


Conflicts, regardless of their form, should be taken care of immediately to avoid negative consequences for the company. We work with different methods of clarification for example Christoph Thomann, Christian Prior and Friedmann Schulz von Thun.