Interim Management

Interim management is temporary management in the event of bottlenecks, special projects, reorganizations and representations

Quickly and efficiently, we can provide you with personnel specialized in unexpected staff shortages in order to continue running daily business and protect your processes from capacity constraints.

Interim managers are also happy to take on projects if the necessary resource does not exist in the company. Additionally, you will benefit from the new knowledge and experience provided.

Acquisitions, mergers, maternity leave, sabbaticals, or temporary capacity constraints can affect companies in their business. Especially in such challenging situations, you need people who keep a clear head and the correct direction. We help you to find and select suitable top managers for a wide range of interim functions. With competence and intuition we find top executives who are willing to support short-term periods with external know-how and many years of experience.

Our services

  • Needs Analysis - Accurate analysis of the present situation
  • Search & selection of temporary executives and specialists (international and national)
  • Interviewing, evaluation and presentation of the applicants
  • Smooth and effective project handling both nationally and internationally
  • Obtaining references