Ahmet Ceylan joined ISG as Recruitment and Executive Search Partner to support our valuable clients in the Sales and Administration Functions by evaluating Specialists and Managers especially in Sales, Strategic Purchasing, Product & Business Development positions, not limited to Samsun but throughout the country and cross countries through our over 680 ISG employees.

Ahmet has been a Marketing Manager, a Business Developer, an Administrator and a Trainer for more than 2 decades, provided a wide range of consultancy services to companies in the fields of Production, Health, Education, and Foreign Market Entry Strategies and Projects.

He gained a valuable Market Know How from well-known SME’s in Turkey as well as international corporations from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, and The UK.

You will find in Ahmet an experienced professional with a vast range of expertise for:

  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment
  • Outplacement
  • Development & Training (on Sales & BD, SWOT, GAP Analysis and Strategy development for SME’s especially for R&D and Innovation Projects).

Ahmet speaks Turkish, English, and Russian.

Motto: “Trust is Not a Disposable Asset”