Alper Rozanes

Carrer de Valladolid, 48 P1A
ES-08014 Barcelona

Alper brings in 10+ years of training experience on presentations and visual communications. He works usually with management teams on creating and delivering more effective communications through internal presentations or corporate events. His references include local and international companies and organizations like Anadolu Efes, Anadolu Hayat ve Emeklilik, Experian, Novartis, Samsung, Turkcell and the United Nations.

Before finding his passion in the ‘spoken word’, he worked in Apple IMC in Turkey, creating new sales leads and nurturing a successful pipeline, evaluating potential new leads for effective sales operations, and establishing long-term, solution-based relationships with clients. Having managed a small sized team, he is able to combine rhetorical techniques for effective speaking with real-world experience from sales, retail and management environments.

The training programs in ISG focus on;

  • guiding the participants to establish their messaging strategy,
  • helping them decide which message resonates the most with their audience,
  • discovering how best to frame that message and execute it visually.

He is certified on Persuasive Presentations from Duarte in California, the world’s leading firm on visual communications. He also holds an Advanced Communicator title from Toastmasters International, the world’s largest non-profit educational organization on public speaking and communication.

He graduated from Baruch College in New York and holds a degree in management information systems. He lives in Barcelona, and frequently travels between Spain and Turkey, delivering trainings in both countries in English and Turkish. (Spanish trainings are coming soon!)

Motto: “The only reason to make a speech is to change the world.” (John F. Kennedy)