2017 – PCC accreditation – in progress
2017 Legacy – TA based Teamcoach training – in progress
2015 SolutionSurfers – BRIEF COACHING- PCC
2013  SolutionSurfers – Brief Coaching, Team Coach training
2011  Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. and Business Coach Ltd. – Team and Group Coach Training
2011  Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. Coach Training (PL-4223)
2011  FranklinCovey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Program
2011  Volunteer Centre Foundation (ÖKA) Volunteer Management (PL-3575)
2010  Psychodrama Group
2007  Sämling Economic Training Ltd. Trainer Consultant
2007  ESZA P.A. expert database State employment expert; Civil Service Expert
2007  Tempus Foundation Multiplier (PL-0603)
2005  MultiContact Consulting Ltd. Project Management (PA -538)
2005  Szent István University – Guidance Consultant
2007  Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Social Sciences – Social Policy
2003 Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Special Education Faculty General Social Worker


  • Skill and Attitude Development Programs, Training
  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Complex Leadership Development Programs
  • Talent programs
  • Organization Development Projects
  • Team and Group Coaching processes
  • Attitude and Skills Development Programs and Trainings
  • Open Leadership and Personality Development Programs


She works with individuals, leaders in individual, and also with Groups, Management, Organisations in Group and Team Coaching processes. She has provided almost 1000 hours of Coaching courses. She’s been elected for the Coach of the Year in 2016’s by ICF.

She works in Organisation Development projects as a Leader, Consultant, Trainer and Coach.

The elaboration and guidance of the following development programs are in connection with her name: Civil Leaders Academy, Energy Efficiency Attitude Change Programs, Relationship Social Game Program, Relationship Playhouse Program, „ How do we promote diversification as a non-profit organisation”, Young Leaders Academy.

For years she was leading international and Union projects which cast approximately 500 million HUF. She was leading 20 people. As Consultant, she took part in projects with value around 1.500 million HUF.

Motto:My aim is to help organisations, groups and individuals in their aspiration to become successful and find their own best solution by being a catalyst during the development process. I achieve this by creating a conforming atmosphere and applying the most appropriate „tool”