While studying for her degree in business with a focus on human resources and marketing, Christine Gsur was already completing her first coaching certifications to become an internal consultant and staff developer, as well as an external systemic coach.  At the same time she was gaining her first professional experience in management consulting. Several stays of many months in foreign countries, a semester in the U.S., and a one-year internship in Cape Town, South Africa have shaped her understanding of other cultures and taught her the importance of recognizing and appreciating different approaches.

Whether as a tutor for students, or in training and individually coaching athletes, or in systemic coaching for  business – the transmission of knowledge and the joint development of ideas for solutions which can immediately be implemented have formed the core of her work for many years.

Since 2003 Christine Gsur has been working as a coach and trainer at ISG. Continuous further education and years of specialization in systemic and hypno-systemic individual coaching distinguish the high quality of her work. Her clear and structured way of working, her extensive toolbox of methods, her patience in the careful search for the most appropriate solution, and her enthusiasm for further development and progress gets her customers motivated to implement their projects.

Christine Gsur offers customized individual coaching in the following areas:

  • Stress and time management, self-management, burnout prevention
  • Motivation, effective communication
  • Personal career Planning
  • Support in personal and professional decision-making situations, inner conflicts, value-oriented personality development
  • Leadership coaching

She also conducts extensive coaching trainings in the business context, for everyday professional and private life, as well as self-coaching..  In 2012 she also designed and instructed a one-year coaching education program at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences.

Her motto: Life is what you make of it.