Dr. Gordon Koell has more than 27 years of experience as a leader in the healthcare-sector, in the medical devices-as well as in the biotech-industry. He furthermore specialises in health IT and applied medical research. In his spare time Dr. Koell serves as a lecturer at universities. His HR management experience comprises C-Level and senior management expertise in diverse national and international management functions as well as in a biotech start-up. His wealth of experiences includes profound knowledge of business development, innovation and human resource policies in multinational corporations with intercultural structures. Dr. Koell holds a doctoral degree in business administration from the University of Liverpool, a Master’s degree in management & leadership and a further degree in electrical engineering. As a Global Managing Partner he contributes his wide expertise to ISG Healthworld.

Educational Background and Professional Experience

  • Business Administration (Dr.), United Kingdom
  • Managament and Leadership (MSc), Austria
  • Electrical Engineering (Ing.), Austria
  • C-Level and senior management experience in diverse national and international management functions (>28 Years) in the medical devices-, healthcare-, health IT -industries as well as in the applied research sector
  • Bilingual (German, English)


  • Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma
  • Health Care IT, Bio- & Medical Informatics, Digital Health Transformation
  • Healthcare Provider
  • Healthcare Private Equity and Venture Capital backed companies
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital funds
  • Privately and public held firms
  • Start-up, Spin Off’s, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises
  • Turn-around operations
  • Health Care Finance
  • Innovation & Research


  • Europe / EMEA
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland – GAS
  • Asia
  • Middle East & U.A.E.
  • North America

Business Focus

  • C-Suite & Board Level Search
  • Board-Level and CEO appointments
  • Senior Vice President and VP roles
  • General Management appointments
  • Middle Management Appointments
  • Senior Directors | Directors
  • Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Scientists


  • Medical Devices,Surgical & Implantology
  • Pharma & Generics
  • Hospitals & Senior Residences
  • Healthcare IT & Bio-Informatics
  • Medical Diagnostics & Laboratory
  • Biotechnology & Life Scienes
  • Health Care Consulting Industry
  • Health Insurance & Health Care Finance
  • Universities & Research Institutions
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Clinical Nutrition, Food & Cosmetics


  • Commercial Marketing & Sales | Business Development
  • Health Economics & Market Access | Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Health Care IT Management | Medical- & Bio-Informatics
  • Hospital Administration & Management
  • Regulatory Affairs | Quality Management & Safety
  • Research, Development & Education
  • Manufacturing | Production, Prototyping & OEM

Representative Search Projects