Mrs. Rondinelli shows an excellent background in supporting international companies related to Talent Acquisition and Executive Search. Furthermore, Mrs. Rondinelli can be regarded as a generalist in Human Resources and as an experienced business partner to support all HR activities of business-organizations, e.g.: Training & Development, Compensation, Labour Relations, Engagement Practices, Outplacement and Performance Reviews.

From her graduation background perspective, Mrs. Rondinelli is a psychologist and she also post-graduated with a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and process management.

Mrs. Rondinelli is a continuous learner and is highly interested in innovative practices to support businesses in general. She possesses over 25 years of professional work experience within global companies and different segments. In addition, Mrs. Rondinelli is acting as a Human Resources expert for different topics associated with different industries like: automotive, autoparts, chemicals, manufacturing industry, retail, medical devices, hospitality, pharma and health care providers.

Prior to setting up her own HR-company, Mrs. Rondinelli was able to successfully build-up her strong personal competence in HR best practices, especially related to Talent Acquisition and Executive Search, Training & Development and Outplacement. In her long industry career, Mrs. Rondinelli performed as a Human Resources Manager and HR-Head within chemical-, automotive-, manufacturing-, pharma-, medical devices-, health care- and hospitality- companies in Brazil.


  • Psychology, Human Resources Post Graduation/MBA, People Management and HR Analytics Extension, Career Studies, Personality Tests Authorized, Process Management Post Graduation.
  • Experience in diverse international Management functions (>25 Years)
  • English speaking



  • Executive Search, Outplacement and HR Development & Training.
  • Other Contributions on Strategic projects: HR Shared Services implementation and monitoring, Salary and Benefits practices, Labour relations, Safety, Health and Facilities contract administration.
  • Finance and Compliance: Budget/Master Plan Administration and KPI’s effectiveness.
  • HR Internal audit and Ethics/Compliance policies implementation. Emphasis on delivering results to internal business areas, having a strong team leadership, seniority and commitment. Latin America and Global interface.
  • HR Projects administration already implemented related to the following segments:

– Chemical & Pharmaceutical: DuPont and Novartis

– Automotive & Autoparts: Volkswagen, Sandvik, Hyundai and Calsonic Kansei (Nissan)

– Health: Hospital, Insurance and Home Care: Conmedh, Medlife, Hospitality and Prestar

– Others: Medical Devices, Retail, Hospitality and outplacement consultancy.


  • Executive and senior roles & Board Level Search
  • General Management appointments
  • Middle Management Appointments
  • Senior Directors | Directors
  • Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Senior Analysts


  • Automotive
  • Autoparts
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma & Generics
  • Hospitals & Home Care
  • Hotel
  • Retail
  • Sports Event/Entertainment
  • Public Administration
  • Chemicals


  • Human Resources, Finance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Commercial Marketing & Sales | Business Development .
  • Regulatory Affairs | Quality Management & Safety, Occupational Health, Environment Protection.