Ilkka Lammassaari is senior player in HR sector in Finland. His first tasks were carried out in 1995 and after that Ilkka has interviewed more than 5000 applicants and solved hundreds of organisational needs. Ilkka is also a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Ilkka has a long experience in working together with busy directors and managers struggling towards their targets. Ilkka says he is NOT a consultant who comes to tell you what to do. You know best, what is your problem in question. But when the solution could be found by having skillful employees engaged in common targets, then Ilkka is there for you. Only in close co-operation with you and always according to your instructions and wishes Ilkka can act on the right time to add value into your business. Ilkka says: „My job is to make the job of the persons in charge easier. Decision making is their thing. I make the decision easier“.

Ilkka offers a full range of HR solutions: recruitment, head hunting, temporary consultants, interim managers, outplacement services or even just assistance in recruitment process if you want to do more by yourself.

Ilkka continues: „I am reliable, warm hearted, of course business-minded team player and …well-experienced HR professional. I believe that success consists of everyday work of the organisation AND timely use of value-adding services“.