Mr. Gijsbertsen represents an experienced leader in people- and business development management with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. He looks back on a 20+ years professional- and international career at companies like as follows: the accountancy firm PwC, the health insurance company Achmea, the HR company Randstad, the consultancy company Berenschot, the HR assesment company SHL and – last but not least – the IT company IBM.

Mr. Gijsbertsen is skilled in Healthcare, HR-consulting, HR-solutions, coaching, executive search, change management, revitalisation and culture change. He is a strong community- and social services professional and his passion and core competence is connecting people and organisations to gain business, quality and success.

October 2020, Mr. Gijsbertsen joined ISG as Executive Managing Partner where he signs responsible for the ISG-Benelux team. He is fluent in English, Dutch and German.




Health Insurance, Hospitals, Senior Residences, , Occupational Health Services, Mental Healthcare, Consumer Health, Medical Rehabilitation, Healthcare Finance, Medical Diagnostis, Medical Automation, Sports Medicine, Fitness, Healthcare Consulting, Health Tourisme, Spa & Medical Travel, Alternative Medicine, International Aid, Medical Professionals, Pharma, Medical Devices/Diagnostics & Digital Health Transformation, Healthcare private Equity and Venture Capital backed companies, Privately and public held firms (for-profit), Start-up, Spin Off’s, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises, turn-around operations.


C-Suite & Board Level Search, Board-Level and CEO appointments, Senior Vice President and VP roles, Members Supervisory Board, General Management appointments, Middle Management appointments, Senior Directors, Directors, Commercial and Sales Managers, Engineers.


General and Commercial Health Care, Health Insurance, Big Data, Cloud based Solutions, Medical Devices & Dental, Pharma & Generics, Hospitals & Senior Residences, Medical Diagnostics & Laboratory, Biotechnology & Life Scienes, Consumer Healthcare, Healthcare IT,  Clinical Nutrition, Food & Cosmetics, Health Care Finance 


Healthcare Purchasing, Data Protection Management, Commercial Marketing & Sales, Business Development, Health Economics & Market Access, Healthcare Finance, Medical Artificial Intelligence, Medical Aids,  Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management & Safety,   Medical Manufacturing, Health Care IT Management.