Judit graduated at Budapest Business School as Tourism Specialist then she spent several years working in mother tongue environment in order to master her English knowledge. Prior to her career at ISG, she worked at a private health care centre as a Front Office Coordinator.

She joined ISG in 2017 where she was first responsible for running the Front Desk. After being promoted to a Researcher in 2018 currently she identifies the different market segments and the potential relevant Candidates in order to support the work of Consultants.

Her personal sub-specialities do certainly include:

  • Handling of databases and records;
  • Keeping contact with Candidates;
  • Research,– mapping of different market segments, identifying target persons, contacting – direct search, headhunting;
  • Preparing Reports.

Motto: “You must always strive to be the best, but you must never believe that you are.”