Katja Suess-Nimeh’s personal and professional motto “The journey is the reward” is based on her 13+ years management experience at Sotheby’s, the internationally renowned global leader in the art, auction and luxury business, and previously holding positions in Business Development for another market leading corporation in this segment. Born in Germany, she has lived in New York and London and has operated extensively across EMEA, Russia, India and in other emerging markets. After 7 years in the UK, she returned with her family to Vienna in 2012.

In 2009, Mrs. Suess-Nimeh became a Senior Executive Coach having completed her Advanced Certification at the AEoC in London. With an internationally seasoned and hands-on style, Ms. Suess-Nimeh applies systemic and solutions-orientated Executive Coaching and Training for local and international clients with a strong focus on organizational and team development, change management, business innovation, and intercultural communications.

A top graduate from Rutgers University (NJ, USA) where she studied art history and German literature, Mrs. Suess-Nimeh applies her keen sense of creativity and innovation with passion to her work. As professional Executive Coach and Trainer, she helps business leaders and market experts identify and reach their goals. She has a successful record of supporting executives and teams though complex management and structural change processes.

Area of Focus

  • Systemic and solutions-focused coaching for executives, managers and specialists
  • Facilitation of change management processes and team dynamics
  • Certified Intercultural competence: communication training and coaching, virtual leadership, diversity
  • Training & team building – open dialogue, feedback, workshop moderation
  • Innovation workshops and techniques for creativity
  • Management Audit, Assessment Centre, Development Centre, and Orientation Centre, 360° feedback programs
  •  Sales trainings, time management and self-management
  • International project management, interim management

Motto: “The journey is the reward”