Lucio Dattaro spent more than 20 successful years as manager, in-company trainer and sports coach. Since he has worked in Modena, Milan, Parma, Bologna, he has gained a significant knowledge of entrepreneurship of Emilia and neighboring areas.

Lucio has a strong knowledge of training, sales networks, sporting events, business information systems, sports facilities, web marketing, shopping centers; he has successfully brought process innovation in several companies. His ability to “see the big picture” leads him to be highly performing in business consultancy.

He has personally carried out several staff search and selection projects for the companies where he worked; he thinks that “great people make companies great”, therefore he is careful in the search and selection process and highlights the importance of employee engagement and improvement.


Lucio has a deep understanding of the needs of companies in different sectors and is able to relate effectively to different people.

He loves learning, coaching, make people find the right job and employers find the right person.

Motto: “Le buone relazioni hanno un valore… e ritornano”