Merin Arathil joined ISG Personalmanagement in July 2018 as an HR consulting intern, following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, with a strong emphasis on Human Resources Management. During her six-month internship, she gained valuable experience in recruiting candidates at all levels, across a range of sectors, including IT, Business Consulting, Healthcare, and Finance.

Upon completion of her internship, Merin continued her career at ISG Vienna as a full-time Consultant, while simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Media and Communication, with a special focus on the psychological aspects of communication.

Currently, Merin serves national and international clients across all sectors, utilizing her expertise in identifying top talent and delivering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Her training and experience enable her to provide exceptional service to clients, ensuring that they are matched with the most qualified candidates for their organizations.

The consultant also plays a significant role in the establishment of the subsidiary in India. Together with her team, she has successfully placed highly skilled nurses from the Indian market into numerous organizations throughout Germany. Her expertise and proficiency in the recruitment process as well as her knowledge of the Indian culture have been instrumental in the successful integration of Indian nurses into the German healthcare system.

Additionally, Merin provides training to internal newcomers on the subject of Active sourcing and assists with their onboarding process within the organization.