Mag. Michael Supparitsch
Executive Managing Partner

Mr. Supparitsch has worked in the banking industry for about 10 years, mainly in corporate banking and auditing. After completing his studies in commercial science. He has gained a great deal of experience in corporate and financial analysis in Austria and abroad.

After changing to the health industry, Mr. Supparitsch was not only able to apply his experience in finance, but also to expand his theoretical knowledge in human resources, marketing and sales in practical implementation. Together with partners he founded 2 companies dealing with the establishment and management of medical practices:

  • Medgroup Consulting GmbH establishes a new quality in outpatient medical care under an Austria-wide brand. As part of this, medgroup supervises the construction and operation of high-quality specialist centers. Mr. Supparitsch was responsible for financing, human resources and recruiting.
  • mediclass Gesundheitsclub is an innovative concept in Europe that, on the one hand, makes health care more aware and, on the other hand, facilitates access to private medicine. Mr. Supparitsch was responsible for fundraising, knowledge transfer, location development, project management, recruiting and controlling.
  • In addition to setting up these companies, Mr. Supparitsch has successfully implemented additional projects in other areas: La pura (a VAMED company): development of a health concept within the framework of the first women‘s health resort in Austria, stress coaching with employees.
  • IQCURE (a brand of the Schletterer Group): establishment of a medical spa splint, creation of a medical additional offer in 4- and 5-star hotels with already existing wellness area and conception of new projects, Know-how transfer.