Nikida Posto began her career at ISG Vienna in July 2021 as an intern in HR-Consulting, after completing a Master of Science in Management. She was responsible for identifying, screening, and interviewing IT specialists throughout her six-month internship.

Moreover, she learned how to write concise job descriptions, discover candidates utilizing various databases and social media platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn, ISG database search, and, as well as provide professional and effective candidate reports.

Following the conclusion of her internship, Nikida continued to work at ISG Vienna as a full-time Consultant. Where she consistently delivers and accomplishes actionable innovations by developing a solid understanding of the organization’s objectives and ensuring that they are met at all levels.

Currently, she serves national and mostly international customers in the information technology industry, thanks to her five-language proficiency. After receiving extensive training in identifying exceptional talents, she demonstrates her abilities via her empathy and compassion, as well as her acute awareness of others needs and concerns.