Petra Kamper works as a trainer at ISG Institute for Training & Development. She started her professional career in the tourism and sales sector, where she experienced many intense and exiting years working abroad. Being a communication trainer and NLP-coach, Petra combines her trainings and workshops with agile tools and methods, which she learned during her studies for the MBA-Change-Management-Diploma.

Her main focus lies on accompanying and training people and teams during their personal development within companies. She offers trainings in the soft-skill sector.

Petra´s Motto is “think agile, then be agile”. This famous phrase is mainly used in agile organisations to express 100% focus on one matter. Petra believes that intern and extern changes are chances for people and companies to become better and grow. She dedicades herself to supporting them during those phases with all her skills.

Working fields:

  • Change-Management & agile mindset
  • Communication, Presentation und Conflict Management
  • Coaching & Trainings