Rafael Lerchster completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Vienna in 2021. He was already committed outside the university during his bachelor studies. Rafael got involved with a start-up that connects research findings in neuroscience and the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with business and healthcare through knowledge transfer. This led to extensive contacts with people and companies in the IT sector, which laid the foundation for his enthusiasm for this sector.

During his stay abroad in Illinois at the University of Urban- Champaign, he also took courses on recruitment and was able to gain international experience and get to know different approaches that help him in his work as a recruiter on a daily basis.

Rafael has decided to continue his master’s degree in psychology in Vienna in the summer of 2021, specializing in labor and organizational psychology, and is aiming to graduate with honors.

As a junior consultant at ISG Austria within IT recruiting, he can combine his areas of interest in the IT industry and recruiting.