Mr. Caraballo has extensive experience (+20 years) in management, operations, logistics and QMS, developed both in the public and private sectors. From his university background perspective, Rafael Caraballo is an Executive MBA graduate at ISEAD /Spain and a QMS Specialist by UNIT, Lead ISO 27001 auditor by INTEDYA, and undertaking studies in CISSP and ISO 37001 at present.

Mr. Caraballo possesses over 20 years of professional work experience during which he has had the opportunity to gain substantial insight on management issues in fields that range from Agricultural production to Airline MROs, Postal services and Ship repair). During his several professional assignments he could also gain valuable experience in Sales, Quality, Information Security and Risk Management, Food Safety, Organizational Behavior, Negotiation and Leadership. He held a 3 year position as consultant for a Medical Equipment Distribution firm (EQUIMED), developing an ISO 9001 QMS with partial ISO 13485 compatibility. Apart from that, he has been acting as Associate Director for a Management, Audit and Training multinational organization. He has also held a teaching and research position at the Strength of Materials institute in UDELAR, from which he resigned to enter public service,

In his personal life, he has pursued an active lifestyle, holding a 3rd degree black belt in Karate-do and brown belt in Judo. He is currently married and has a 20 year old daughter.