Zoltán Korpás
Senior ConsultantBusiness Development Head

Zoltán has got MA degree both in History and Spanish Philolgy at ELTE University, complementing his studies with PhD degree in 2003.

He started his 18+ years long Consulting career at the Hungarian office of the Austrian owned Catro Management Consulting. His professional approach and philosophy is characterized by value creation: he built up successfully not just his HR advisor personal brand, but also he is an acknowledged Historian of the 16th Century Habsburg Empire, dedicating his free time to scientific researches and activities.

In 2005 he joined Kienbaum Executive Consultants, where he managed to deepen his knowledge in the field of executive search, management diagnostics and remuneration consulting as well.

In 2014 Zoltán founded the Hungarian office of the UK based CNA International, creating a unique and very successful boutique service Executive Search Consulting company. In 2015 Zoltán’s authorization had been complemented with further activities as Regional Director in CEE dedicating himself to developing people, designing new professional methods and practices, developing international clients crossboarderly, facilitating knowledge exchange between offices etc. Also he had strategic role in the opening of new offices, hiring, training people as well. He is proud of being mentor of certain very talented colleagues who achieved fast and successful career growth. Parallel to his leadership activities he actively and successfully delivered Executive Search mandates not just in Hungary but in another countries as well. Also initiated, designed and delivered (the culture of) non-recruiting projects, such as Assessment Centers, Development Centers, Management Audits, creating Competency Maps, Outplacement, Wage survey, Coaching as well.

In January 2018 he joined to the Hungarian team of ISG Group as Business Development Head and Principal Consultant, supporting his clients persistently on the field of Executive Search and tailored HR Diagnostics projects.

Besides this, he is founding-member of the exclusive HR club, called HR BrainGame. Also, due his personal drive, professional attitude he actively takes part in process and Organizational Development projects, contributes to design complex solution while facing HR strategy related challenges.

During the past years he gathered complex international and local advisory experience supporting his clients not just in Hungary, but also in many Central-European countries in different sectors such as pe.: Energy, Oil & Gas, Agribusiness, Professional Business Services, Financial Services, Production (mass, machinery, electronic, automotive), FMCG, Media, Research & Development and Non-profit organizations as well.


  • Executive Search and Direct search mandates both local and international
  • Management Audit, Management Diagnostics, Board Services
  • Competency-Mapping and Talent Management
  • Assessment / Development Centers (designing and delivery)
  • Executive and Business Coaching
  • Outplacement projects, Career Coaching
  • Market mapping and Monitoring

Motto“The value creation is beyond of the daily business routine, regardless whether is based on business, intellectual or cultural initiatives. However, this kind of value must be sustainable and long-lasting.”