ISG Sector Group Nursing tackles the shortage of nurses, which currently is a major issue for many Western countries. We match our clients in the healthcare sector with qualified nurses from foreign countries and markets. As an example, there is an abundance of healthcare personnel with excellent technical expertise, experience and knowledge of the German language in the Indian region.

As part of our service, we provide our clients in the healthcare sector (including private and public hospitals, clinics and nursing homes) with candidates to fill their vacancies with experienced healthcare professionals. This enables our clients to continue providing their services at a consistently high level, while also offering the prospective personnel an improved standard of living in the destination country.

Our consultants have excellent knowledge and experience guiding prospective candidates through the entirety of the recruiting process. As part of our offer, we assist with both the interview presentation and necessary bureaucratic processes (visas, accommodation, recognitions) in the destination country.

Through our established relationship with our partners in India, we are able to work closely with local nursing schools and have access to a large pool of prospective candidates and healthcare professionals. We therefore strive to select the best candidates for the specific requirements of our clients, making them accessible for recruitment within short timeframes if required. As part of our recruitment processes, we both introduce our candidates to Western cultural traditions and help them acclimate better to their new professional location at every step of the way.



Meet the team behind Nursing

Merin Arathil



After completing her bachelor´s degree in International Business Administration with a strong emphasis on Human Resources Management, Merin Arathil joined ISG Vienna in July 2018 as an intern in HR- Consulting.
In her six months internship she gained great experience in recruiting candidates at all levels and in differnt sectors including IT, Business Consultancy, Healthcare, Finance etc. Furthermore she learned to design compact job descriptions, to source candidates through databases and social-media plattforms like Xing and LinkedIn as well as to conduct interviews professionally and efficiently.

After completing the internship, Merin continued at ISG Vienna as a full-time Consultant. At the same time she completed her Master´s degree in Media and Communication with a special focus on the psychological side of communication.

Currently Merin is supporting national and international clients at all sectors. She is well trained in spotting top talents and serving clients according to their needs. Apart from that she trains internal newcomers on the topic of Active Sourcing and supports them during their onboardingprocess.
In addition she loves being part of an international corporation which brings together ambitous professionals with great corporations.



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