New Ways of Learning



      Meet the team behind New Ways of Learning

      Karin Wahl

      Training & Development



      • Seminars and trainings on communication and sales
      • Individual and team coaching
      • Personality and team development
      • Conflict Management and Negotiation
      • Mediation and Conflict Resolution


      Since 2006, working succesfully as a registrated mediator, trainer und coach

      • 14 years as an employee and manager in sales, marketing and consulting
      • Marketing and sales for e-learning and blended learning projects (spin-off TU Vienna)
      • Design and active tutoring in blended learning courses (process and project management)
      • Consulting for interactive media projects (internet, intranet, CD-ROMs, interactive teletext)
      • Business development of an online auction house with a focus in the areas fo sales, marketing and technical service
      • Specific study of “succes factors for young technology companies in Austria”(TU Vienna)
      • Field, broker and sales support in class of insurance

      Motto: „If you can dream it, you can do it.“


      Mag. Claudia Wallner

      Training & Development


      Claudia Wallner began her professional career in the IT-sector. Her desire to work with people led her to choose a path as a trainer – initially in the area of IT during which time she began studying information management at Vienna University of Technology. In 2000, Claudia Wallner was assigned the development of “Blended Learning Solutions” at a worldwide provider of trainings and IT solutions. She was in charge of conceptual design and implementation of training projects aiming at developing staff towards a uniform standard of knowledge. Her daily activities included needs assessment, design of individual training schedules per employee by using various learning methods (classroom training, e-learning, CBT etc.) as well as reporting on projects. This gave her the chance to actually “move” people and businesses.

      As a member of the Management Team and in close co-operation with her colleagues in Europe and the United States, Claudia Wallner was able to implement and deepen her knowledge and dedication in an international context.

      As of 2004, Claudia Wallner serves as one of ISG’s trainers. Her main focus lies on conceptual design and monitoring of personnel development measures as well as the implementation of sustained trainings in the areas of leadership, sales, work-life balance (time and stress management, efficiency).

      To Claudia Wallner, one of the guiding principles in designing training programs and seminars is the notion that all participants should be able to put into practice what they have just learned.

      Motto: Things are never as they are. You are what you make of them!“


      Herbert Steinhauser



      Herbert Steinhauser’s career started in the automobile industry. His success as a salesperson for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche paved the way for his career as key account manager for major commercial clients. A strong passion for communication in general and sales in particular led to his decision to move into the training profession. Following an intensive Train-the-Trainer-course with a highly reputed consulting firm, he worked for a number of organisations as a trainer and coach.

      During this time he acquired extensive know-how in the training and development of managers and sales personnel as well as technical and back office staff.

      Thus, as a sales manager, he led his teams to great success whilst gathering valuable experience in leadership. During that time he was in charge of the start-up of three B2B-units and a staff of up to 30.
      Since 2001, Herbert Steinhauser has been responsible for ISG’s Training & Development unit. Customers from diverse industries, often market leaders, work with him and benefit from individually tailored training concepts.


      • Sales and Acquisition
      • Communication
      • Personal Skills Development
      • Motivational Training
      • Leadership Styles and Tools
      • Presentation Techniques
      • Teambuilding and Potential Analysis

      Herbert Steinhauser’s training feature a high degree of practicability with respect to daily business. He is intensively concerned with Change Processes in organisations and is highly successful in positively influencing employees’ reactions and behaviours in order to make change happen.

      Motto: „Energy cannot be destroyed.“


      Dipl. – Sozw. Miriam Murg

      Training & Development


      Miriam Murg studied social sciences at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen / Nuremberg (Germany), with an emphasis on “industrial and organizational psychology” and “Personnel Economics”. During her studies she was active for four years as a trainee student at one of the world’s largest technology companies, where she first gained professional experience and insight into the business processes of global players.

      On the basis of her study focus and her passion for working with people, Miriam Murg started her career in early 2005 with ISG in the field of HR, where she primarily supported well known companies in finding and selecting new employees.

      Among her special areas of expertise are the development and monitoring of strategic training programs with a focus on apprenticeship, traineeship, High Potential and junior programs, and the design and implementation of potential analysis, such as Assessment / Development Center, structured interviews and 360 ° – feedback.
      The development and implementation of employee appraisal meetings, as well as the implementation of apprenticeship training round out her activity profile.

      Of particular importance for Miriam Murg is the development of people, taking into account their abilities and potentials , without losing the connection to the company and her respective goal.

      In early 2006, Miriam Murg switched within ISG from personnel consulting to the training and development department where she has since been particularly active in the field of human resource development.

      Motto: „A secret of success is to understand the other person’s perspective.“


      Christian Watzenig

      Training & Development


      With a background in the furniture industry, he then specialized in carpentry and interior design, and quickly moved from there to consulting and sales in the high-end furniture trade. He was instrumental in setting up two franchise locations in the center of Vienna and soon had the opportunity to lead his own team. In short time he was able to really make these teams successful.

      Christian Watzenig was responsible for the successful management of both franchise locations for four years.  He developed his own training program within the company to make successful employees even more successful.  The focus of these internal trainings was: sales, presentation, and communication.

      After becoming a trainer (Competences: economic and social affairs), he supported a medium-sized company in the upscale furniture trade (approximately 250 employees) as a sales manager.


      • Sales
      • Leadership

      His goal is to be practically oriented and effective

      Motto: „Die Qualität der Saat bestimmt die Qualität der Ernte.


      Katharina Sigl, MAS, MSc., MBA, MA

      Senior Beratung Employer Branding & Customer Engagement


      Katharina Sigl loves the creative and communicative challenges that arise when reaching employees and customers.

      Finding the real benefits for customers and employees and packaging them in smart and effective concepts is particularly important to her.

      She is convinced that sustainable corporate success is only possible through strict commitment on the part of both stakeholder groups – regardless of the industry or company size

       Happy works!


      • Employer Value Proposition & Position
      • Employer Journey & Branding Campaigns
      • Engagement Concepts
      • Analysis and optimization of existing lead and customer categorizations
      • Development of individual company personas
      • Customer or user journey with success factors
      • Customer and benefit surveys
      • Service and customer design processes


      Motto: “Courage + enthusiasm = future”