Meet the team behind Albania

Irma Sheqi



Irma brings 3 main pieces to the puzzle of our HR Services and Practice Groups.

Borne in Shkodra , living and working in Tirana capital city of Albania , she devoted her studies at Tirana University (Master’s degree in IT science)  to- and works since 2 decades in the field of  Information Technology. As an ISG Recruiter for not only IT Positions, she conducts searches on all levels from technical to managerial levels, she consults business clients of all sizes to get the

Right people, at the right time, to the right place.”

Irma comes from the other side of the table, as she worked for major national and international corporations in IT positions like technical and managerial positions, where she achieved outstanding personal and team results, which moved her forward to consulting Banks and the Telecommunication sectors. 

She started the business in Albania as an entrepreneur with ISG and helps her clients in Albania, but also supports searches outside and cross borders successfully with outstanding results.

And third Irma Sheqi finds her greatest motivation in coaching others to reach their potential and to perform above and beyond expectations.

Practice Groups:

  • Recruitment (research and selection in IT field )
  • Business Coaching

She transmits key concepts in Business Innovation supported by smart adoption of technology—with emphasis on revenue opportunities & impact, efficiency, enhanced customers experience, and new business opportunities.

Motto: Dream, Believe, Achieve and Never Give UP!!”



We strive for our continuous development and the ongoing improvement of our services to exceed your expectations!