Supplementary Testing

To confirm your decision

To guarantee the selection of a suitable candidate, we support you with a series of extensive testing procedures. This includes both subject-specific tests - such as language or IT skills - as well as applying standardized psychological tests, such as aptitude and performance tests or personality and motivation tests.  The choice of method is based on sound scientific principles, valid and reliable conclusions are the result.  In cooperation with national and international testing agencies , we are able to offer a suitable test method for just about any question.  Important for the method selection  is always the relevance to the professional context and acceptance by the candidate. The consistently positive feedback we receive from our clients and our tested candidates, confirms our approach of combining scientific and standardized testing with an approach which is oriented towards the candidate's personality and the potential working environment. 


Our consultants are trained in psychology  and decide with you on the test procedures to be applied. We start by developing the job-specific requirements with you in advance, and gladly supplement our tests with your predefined test modules or case studies, that are usually executed by your company internally which helps you save precious time. After completing the tests with the candidates we send you the results, which we prefer to discuss with you personally. The candidates do not incur any costs, and receive detailed feedback from us, thus profiting from the experience, no matter what the selection decision is.