Marko Puruskainen is a Partner in ISG Finland via own company Pointsi Ltd.

He has master´s degree in Business Administration in Network Management and bachelor’s degree on the field of machine and plastic engineering. He has over 23 years of experience from Finland, European and Asian pacific companies as Business Leader, Sales, operations, and development. Latest years focus has changed from technology field to business Executive and human resources management. Start up and investors world is very familiar to him as with launching a new innovative products and companies in the past where has gained business EXIT experience as well.

Marko recruits across all management disciplines providing clients with a tailored search, advertised selection, recruitment support and assessment solutions as required. Furthermore, he can offer tailored outplacement support adjusted to the individual needs of employees. Extension to that, offering customers openminded and flexible staffing by Pointsi Ltd, where they have created over 115 employers service platform with his wife Nina Puruskainen CEO at the company, which was established on 2021 August. Pointsi is fully aligned to the operational targets with ISG says Marko and Nina. As Marko has a past life in Australia, his passion to business growth internationally has been in mind from the beginning.
More info or Marko +358 400 237637


Marko is a board member of the West Helsinki Entrepreneur association which is sub-organization to Finnish Entrepreneur association.