Nina Puruskainen is a partner in ISG Finland via own company Pointsi Ltd.

She has a master’s degree in social and healthcare management and development, and she has over 25 years of work history in social and health care. Her work history includes the first 15 years of working as a nurse in hospital and after that her work has included the operational management of nursing, the development and implementation of new services, recruitment, and training.

Nina recruits from all management disciplines, providing her clients with a customized search, advertised selection, recruitment support and evaluation solutions as needed. In addition, she can provide customized outplacement support adapted to the individual needs of employees. Throughout her career, human resource management has been an important success factor and she has created her own recruitment and HR management company in 2021 in August. Nowadays Pointsi Oy has more than 115 employees in the IT and healthcare segments. Pointsi values their customers and employees by offering the best solutions for their needs. The partnership with ISG supports the growth and gives new possibilities for the company. It is exciting to see what we will be able to achieve as a partners in the future.