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ISG France est spécialisée dans la recherche et le recrutement de cadres pour les entreprises, sur le marché français et à l’international.

Nous proposons une approche efficace du recrutement, comprenant une analyse fine de votre activité (organisation, fonctionnement, stratégie et enjeux), du profil du poste, de l’environnement de travail, ainsi que du « socio-style » du futur collaborateur et de son/ses manager(s).


Meet the team behind France

Bertrand de Lavenne

Managing Partner


Bertrand de Lavenne originally studied Pharmacy at the Université of Nantes in France and holds a doctorate in Pharmacy from Cardiff University.
Beside of that, he successfully completed the diverse training courses at Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

From his career perspective, Bertrand possesses of more than 20 years of experience as Managing Director of diverse international Pharma-, Biotech- and Medical Devices –
companies, where he has been successful in establishing a vision, the motivation and the strategic planning tools in order to accomplish challenging targets and missions. In addition, he has extensive experience on what is needed to engage, inspire and develop people and to encourage continued growth of sales and profitability.

Bertrand shows the necessary skills to manage the diverse networks and stakeholders. Apart from that, he has proven his managerial competence in various Healthcare companies such as Novartis, Abbott and Mylan and is quite familiar with different business models and approaches (from global to local scopes and perspectives) in both, emerging markets (China, Russia, Asia Pacific, North Africa, Latin America) as well as in developed major markets (like for instance: UK, Switzerland, France). Furthermore, Bertrand has led various transitions and transformations due to his strong ability to quickly appraise unfamiliar business contexts in different company cultures and -ecosystems.


  • Healthcare private equity and venture capital funds in the range
    of $50M to $500B AUM.
  • Global Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices/
    Diagnostics & Digital Health Transformation.
  • Healthcare private Equity and Venture Capital backed companies.
  • Privately and public held firms (for-profit) in the range of $10M
    to $500B.
  • Start-up, Spin Off’s, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises,
    turn-around operations.
  • Multinational Blue chip organizations.


  • C-Suite & Board Level Search
  • Board-Level and CEO appointments
  • Senior Vice President and VP roles
  • General Management appointments
  • Middle Management Appointments
  • Senior Directors | Directors
  • Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

David Gaussens

Country Manager

3 rue d’ Auteuil
75016 Paris


Mr. Gaussens shows an excellent and unique knowledge of  the healthcare-, medical devices-, capital equipment and Health care-IT market in general.

From his  background perspective, David Gaussens is a health care management professional and has been operating in the French healthcare eco-system since more than 25 Years.

He holds a master studies in International Management, including tremendous Executive Trainings from Harvard University.

Mr. Gaussens possesses over 25 years of professional work experience during which he has had the opportunity to gain substantial healthcare experience in Commercial Sales & Marketing and in General Management. He is was acting as a General Manager and CEO for various major Players in the Healthcare Business. During his several professional assignments he could gain valuable experience in the Medical Device industry, e.g. at GE Healthcare – where he served as a General Manager for more than 12  years.

David Gaussens represents a high caliber Manager and Operational leader in the following business-segments:

Covered (Sub-)Industries:

  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Capital Equipment
  • Medical Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound, CT,  MRI Equipment
  • Healthcare IT, Digital Imaging & Radiology
  • Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine

Covered Functions:

  • General Management & CEO
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Business Intelligence

Julie Lemoisson, M.A.

Managing Partner


Mrs. Lemoisson holds a Master degree in International Business from a recognized French business school. She started working in communication for a Ground Support Equipment company but soon switched to sales positions and executive search where she found more challenges.

Her professional and educational background enable her to master search and selection projects, including direct search. She also understands companies’ challenges and is really determined to help her clients with their recruitment needs. She has a sound knowledge of healthcare-, services- and industry- sectors having recruited engineers, doctors, pharmacists, sales operatives, IT and finance consultants for start-ups to large size companies.

Mrs. Lemoisson has a driven, dynamic and conscientious personality. She combined her passion for entrepreneurship and executive search by joining ISG-Group as a Managing Partner for France in 2019, where she is now mainly focusing on the cosmetics sector.