Dr. Nefike Gunden Sorathia, a seasoned hospitality professional with a wealth of experience in recruiting top talent for various roles within the hospitality industry, including F&B, Front Desk, Banquet, event planning, and more. Dr. Sorathia also specializes in international work exchange programs like the J-1 visa program.

With a strong academic background and a recent focus on IT in hospitality, Dr. Sorathia completed her studies at the University of Houston in December 2021. Since 2023, she has been actively involved in recruitment both in Turkey and internationally, with a notable presence in the USA.

Dr. Sorathia’s unique blend of industry and academic experience has allowed her to collaborate with international clients effectively, ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer service within the hospitality sector. Her expertise spans various business areas, including:

  • Search & Selection
  • Executive Search
  • Assessment & Development Programs


Dr. Sorathia’s guiding motto is “Do your best until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better,” reflecting her commitment to guiding individuals and companies toward achieving their goals.

For inquiries or to explore how Dr. Nefike Gunden Sorathia can support your business endeavors, please do not hesitate to contact her at or by phone at +905355967724, +19412109611.