Percin became a member of the ISG family to bring his focus on the topics of Generational Differences, Project Management & Team Building, Working with Expats and Public Speaking.

Being 28 years old, after doing finishing two masters on Political Science in Belgium, Percin has returned to Turkey and started his corporate experience, where he had worked for more than a year at international companies.

He has worked more than 10 years as a trainer in international NGO’s, where he had taken full time roles working with the European Institutions in Brussels. He has founded projects and lead international teams, chaired prestigious organisations and delivered a great number of workshops. He has taken part in projects with prestigious European Institutions such as the European Parliament, European Commission and the Council of Europe, as well as important organizations such as TUSIAD, British Chamber of Commerce and NATO.

Percin can deliver trainings in English and Turkish. He also speaks German and French on an elementary level.

Training Topics:

  • Generational Differences in Today’s World: Working With Generation Y
  • Working in Intercultural Settings for Expats
  • Entrepreneurship in the Work Place
  • Creating Momentum in Life – Motivation Techniques
  • How to have the Work & Life Balance in Your Life
  • Being Planned, Organised and Structured; Both at Work and at Home
  • Non Formal Education: What Opportunities Are Out There In The School
  • 25 Life Lessons That Your Parents Have Taught You