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Our work in recruitment will continue from our home offices despite the ongoing uncertainty.
As always, we look forward to receiving your applications and updates of your profile through the career portal.


Does the entry into the database cost anything? 

No, the database entry is free of charge.

Will my documents be forwarded without my knowledge? 
No, your documents will be treated strictly confidential and not shared without your consent.

Can other companies access my documents? 
No, only ISG-group consultants have access to your documents.

Why don´t I receive any job offers even though I have a complete profile? 
This can have many reasons. Maybe 

…..there are, many active candidates in your field that are being processed before our consultant makes a database search. If the position gets filled during this process, no more job offers are sent to applicants from the database.

…despite having the appropriate qualifications your salary expectations are higher than the client is willing to pay? Please check whether your salary data is current.

…your CV seems somewhat unstable due to many career changes, which might deter conservative clients?

Will my personal information be passed on for marketing purposes? 
No, your data will be kept strictly confidential.

Are rejection letters sent automatically from the database? 
No – due to the variety of applications we do use templates, but these are sent by the responsible consultant after closely inspecting the candidate file and comparing it with the desired profile of the client.

Why do I receive emails from ISG at night or on Sundays and holidays? Are automatic emails being sent? 
Sometimes the e-mail transmission is automatically delayed to protect IT resources. Occasionally, we have consultants work on Sundays & holidays when the project requires it.

How long does it take to complete the profile? 
Between 15 – 30 minutes depending on your IT-affinity.

Why should I update my profile in the database? 
You will be easier to find in database searches and this increases your probability of obtaining a job offer from us. In addition, you can then use services like Job Alert for example.