Our success story


ISG extends its product portfolio with the new interim management service and also expands its operations with offices in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, and Brasil.


We have grown our Training & Development  team to over 70 Trainers who focus on delivering tailored concepts for our clients. The total amount of employees has increased to 650. In our database we welcome now over 600.000 applicants.

Expansion of the area of potential analysis and diagnostics with additional specialists to increase  the product portfolio with tailor-made and online-based assessments of development.


We are widening our product portfolio and establish our advertising agency. Our experts focus in questions regarding HR with the focus on employer branding and consulting concerning optimal candidate searches. We can offer advice on appropriate organisation and agency co-operation with anonymous advertisements on online platforms, as well as print and social media. Our application database has grown to over 545000 candidates. We are opening an ISG office in Denmark and joined the NPA group (http://npaworldwide.com/), one of the biggest head-hunter networks, worldwide.


In 2015, we succeeded to establish further ISG offices in France and Russia. The applicant database has grown to 490,000 applicants. The training team is for the first time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a total nationwide presence of 45 coaches and the number of employees has risen to over 600.


Our applicant database now includes more than 420,000 applicants. The strongest growth rates were achieved in 2014 in Turkey, Romania and Hungary, Austria also increased its sales.


We continue to expand and develop new markets in England, Russia and Macedonia. Our number of employees has grown to 540 and the database to 345,000 applicants. In the area of training we are expanding our services to software-based client and employee surveys. 


After a successful 2011 business year, the number of employees has grown to 510.  We opened offices in Finland and Spain. Meanwhile the ISG database includes 300,000 active applicants at home and abroad.


10 years anniversary of the ISG training and personal development department. Enlargement of our head office with a training center in Vienna in the 12th district. ISG's headcount grows to 540 employees and we have about 235,000 applicants in our database; new cooperation partners in Norway, Russia, and South Africa.


ISG's headcount grows to 430 employees and we have about 190,000 applicants in our database; new ISG office in Turkey; new cooperation partners in Cyprus and Greece; Due to continuing internationalisation we decided to change our domain from www.ISG.eu to www.isg.com.


10 years anniversary of the ISG personnel development department. New international offices and expansion of ISG's working sphere with a new executive search office in Vienna, in the 1st district; 170,000 applicants in our database; 250 employees.


Expansion of ISG’s network, now including Croatia and U.A.E.; Enhancement of our product portfolio with “temporary employment” and expansion of our diagnostics department with an assessment center, development and orientation center; 160,000 applicants in our database; 170 employees.


Reorganisation and founding of a new department for Executive Search due to a growing demand; expansion of our ISG network, now also including Switzerland and Bulgaria: more than 100,000 applicants in our database; 160 employees.


Personnel Consulting and Training department relocate to a new office in Rustenschacherallee 38, A-1020 Vienna, Austria. First international trainee program; implementation of new products such as “Stress/Time Management” and “Work Life Balance” as well as the ISG Academy; new offices in Poland and Serbia; more than 30,000 applicants in our database; 100 employees.


Implementation of a high-performance database for applicants including a modern online portal and application services. New office facilities for our trainings department. First major projects in the field of HR development (trainee programs, development centers), the introduction of business games and a new office in Hungary require a further headcount increase of up to 70 employees.


Expansion to Germany, new subsidiaries in Austria in Vorarlberg and Upper Austria. We now also offer team development. We have 53 employees in Austria and abroad.


We complete our range of HR services with personal development and offer a complete HR solutions range of all four HRM areas now (recruiting, training, development and outplacement). Moreover we have started with outdoor trainings and opened a 2nd office in Vienna with 41 employees.


The founding of regional Austrian subsidiaries in St. Pölten, Wiener Neustadt, Salzburg and Graz. The fast growing training assignments require a further expansion - 32 employees.


The founding of our trainings department that successfully offers sales and leadership trainings as well as first outplacement assignments requires an increase of headcount of up to 25 employees; cooperation with well-known international headhunters.


Continuous expansion in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe; we offer our HR services in personnel consulting to all industries; integration of companies in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania; raising our headcount to 19 employees.


Founding of ISG Personalmanagement and a spectacular business start. Due to our dedicated and proficient working style we win major clients in the field of telecommunications and IT and the number of our employees has grown up to 7 persons within the first year; with a strong presence in print and online media.