Executive Search

      Our consultants commit to guiding you through the decision making process and to ensuring seamless communication with potential employees. It goes without saying that maximum discretion is always considered.


      Each selection process begins with a detailed analysis of the strategy and an exact definition of the vacant position. A Job Requirement Matrix defines the desired competences in terms of industry and leadership competences and development potential.

      Once defined, the search plan is implemented and adapted as needed in order to compile a shortlist of candidates, complete with profile analysis reports.

      Active Approach

      The most direct way to your next employee

      Direct Search, otherwise known as headhunting or Executive Search, refers to the systematic and targeted search of executive or specialist profiles. This is based on a close cooperation and coordination with all parties involved.

      After a detailed analysis, our research department creates a list of target companies to be reviewed together with the client.

      Interested candidates are later scoped and invited to personal interviews for further analysis. With discretion, we bring together both parties and throughout the process, the client will receive a report documenting the ongoing progress.

      Consultative Hearing

      We discover hidden talent and potential

      The basis for the hearing is an exact definition of a competence profile to be considered. The competence profile is determined in coordination with the management team and HR department, taking into account existing company mission values. The hearing is thus created specifically for each role and consists of different modules. Ideally, the Hearing Commission is composed of external and internal assessors specialized in different areas.

      The result is a quantitative and qualitative assessment, integrated and summarized in a report.

      Assessment Center

      The assessment center service is advantageous when hiring for a critical role or conducting complex interview processes. It serves to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant (often internal and external) in relation to relevant tasks for the vacant position.
      We offer options for individual or group assessment centers.


      Our consultants prepare and moderate the assessment center, train the assessors and are available to act as characters in role-plays if required; they ensure a professional and efficient process.
      Afterwards, the participants receive a detailed feedback on their strengths and potentials, generating a benefit for all candidates.


      Meet the team behind Executive Search

      Mag. Guido Leissinger

      Chief Executive Officer & Founder


      After completing his studies at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Guido Leissinger began his professional career in management consultancy. His successful activities included organisational consultancy in many different companies dealing in a variety of commercial fields. Due to his very distinct interest in people, he switched from management to personnel consultancy.


      • Search & selection of specialist workforce and executives
      • HR development
      • Start-up and expansion of companies in Central and Eastern Europe
      • Design and implementation of promotion and selection assessment centers
      Thanks to his wide knowledge and his strong sales orientation, he was made departmental manager after a short time. From 1993 to 1999, he successfully led CATRO as general manager being in charge of 60 employees in Austria and the Eastern European subsidiaries.

      Guido Leissinger founded ISG in 1999 and has since built up the company from zero to more than 500 people in 23 countries.


      • Personnel consulting
      • HR development
      • Trainings

      His leadership style is characterised by the notion that the human being should always be the central focus of all considerations. ISG’s long-term success can only be achieved through teamwork, mutual respect and understanding as well as constant on-the-job training.

      Motto: „Success is not a coincidence“


      Olympia Anna Blanck, MA

      Head of CEE & Prokurist


      Ms. Blanck studied Economics and Business Psychology with a focus on Human Resource Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt.

      She is originally from Bratislava where she gained extensive professional experience within an international working environment.

      Her professional career commenced at the Delegation of the European Commission, furthermore she worked in an international marketing agency for cross-border projects and she carried out work for a law consultancy with a focus on Central & Eastern Europe.

      Maintaining a consistently high standard of work, enthusiasm and intercultural competence gained through her experience puts Ms. Blanck in the position to be a competent contact partner for national and international clients.

      Her areas of expertise:

      • Executive Search / Headhunting
      • International recruiting with a focus on Austria and Central & Eastern Europe
      • Personnel consulting, search & selection of managers- and specialists positions
      • Interim management
      • Coordination of cross-border projects in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as well as in CEE region.
      • Career consultancy.

      Her industry focus:

      Industrial sector: automotive, aviation, chemical industry, food processing, packaging industry, energy and construction
      Service sector: legal consultancy, tax and audit advisory, marketing and advertising, financial services, tourism and transport
      Trade: import, export, retail, wholesale
      Motto: „The journey is the destination” (Confucius)


      Ferdinand Kamenicky

      Managing Partner


      Ferdinand Kamenicky started his professional career on a trainee program at Citibank, where he was soon entrusted with management responsibilities as Financial Controller, Senior Branch Operations Officer and Relationship Manager for multi-national corporate customers. Following that he was the Managing Director and Chairman of Citibank in Retail Banking.

      In the following challenging years as Project Manager and Senior Director for Sales Strategy at Creditanstalt, he obtained experience in the merging of departments and banks.

      As a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Volksbank Krems-Zwettl AG, he became familiar with the special nature and strengths of regional banks in multi-layered bank structures.

      Since 2005 Ferdinand Kamenicky is an independent company consultant, a qualified coach and registered mediator (specialisations: corporate culture, the costs of conflict, generation conflicts etc.) and since the middle of 2011 has been supporting his customers, as an ISG partner, in the following areas:

      • Personnel consulting – Recruiting specialists and executives both nationally and internationally
      • Executive search for sector experts
      • Outplacement/new placement coaching and job application consulting
      • Resolving inner company conflicts/mediation and corporate and conflict culture

      Motto: “Clarity before harmony.”


      Harald Mörtenhummer

      Executive Search / Managing Partner


      Harald Mörtenhummer started his career as a constructor for the Siemens AG. In 1985 he participated in a trade training program (BILLA AG), after which he took over the responsibility for the training of new employees and executives (from apprenticeship to executive management) and established and managed the HR – department.

      Subsequently he completed numerous trainings and took on various challenges in marketing as marketing manager (LOWA GmbH), managing director sales (Bauhaus GmbH) and as restructuring manager of several trade organisations. In 2002 different international appointments followed, such as CEO (bauMax AG) or managing director CEE (Praktiker AG), which involved international procurement marketing, category management and logistics assignments. His experience as a supervisory board member in the food- & non-food sector round off his extensive expertise.

      Currently he is managing partner at the ISG Executive Search Competence Centre and is looking after clients in the following sectors:

      • Board services
      • Management- and HR-consulting
      • Executive search (head hunting) of industry experts
      • Recruitment of management- and other pivotal positions on a national- and international level
      • Monitoring of change processes

      Short CV

      Executive consultant, interim- & project manager, supervisory board member, managing director of CEE-countries, management board and director of international companies


      Praktiker International GmbH, Forstinger GmbH, bauMax AG, MediaMarkt GmbH, LÖWA GmbH, Digital Equipment Corp., BILLA AG, Siemens AG


      Martin Tamussino

      Executive Search & Managing Partner


      During his studies of tourism management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Martin Tamussino started his professional career with Lauda Air in 1986.

      After eight years of recruiting and training cabin crews, and having professional and disciplinary responsibility for over 300 flight attendants he changed to CATRO Personalconsulting. Due to his interest and know-how of the service sector he was successful in search and selection of candidates for various management positions.

      In his function as Resident Manager and Managing Director for Trade Legality of a ****star hotel in Vienna, he was responsible for the management, the establishment of new business structures, the implementation of innovative business strategies and sales.

      After one year abroad in Switzerland, he worked five years in the biggest Austrian Hotel Group as Director of Sales, responsible for the coordination of Sales & Marketing activities with 26 hotels in Austria.

      Since 2002 he has been strengthening the ISG team with his dedication to work for people in the service sector. With his enthusiastic style he continuously works for the right solution for his clients in various industries. Due to his commitment he was given power of attorney in 2003.


      • Search and selection of specialists and executives
      • Design and implementation of recruiting and promotion assessment centers
      • Research and Coaching
      • Support of Outplacement projects

      His work style is characterized by offering his clients personal commitment, high performance and customer-oriented services.

      Motto: „To place trust in oneself and in others“


      Claudia Gschiel

      Senior Research Consultant & Teamlead


      Head hunting research – a typical job for students – evolved into more than just a sideline when Claudia Gschiel moved from Vorarlberg to Vienna some 20 years ago.

      Concurrent with her studies of English and History to become a teacher, she worked with a renowned Personnel consulting agency in telemarketing and research as early as 1993. Her work proved to be such a success that she was recruited by ISG Personalmanagement in 1999.

      From 2000, Claudia Gschiel focused her work at ISG on headhunting research assignments of specialists and executives for various projects in all areas of trade. While closely co-operating with the respective senior advisor, she was able to expand her expert knowledge to a growing number of areas and markets.

      Due to growing demand in all fields pertaining to executive search, Claudia Gschiel has headed an efficient and competent research team since 2005 with whom she enthusiastically shares her expert knowledge on a regular basis.

      Motto: Love it, change it or leave it”


      Mag. (FH) Elmar Scheuba

      Executive Managing Partner & Global Head of Sector Group "Healthworld"



      Europe / EMEA, USA & CANADA, CENTRAL- AND SOUTHAMERICA (LATAM), Asia, Middle- & Far East / U.A.E.


      Healthcare private equity and venture capital funds in the range of $50M to $500B AUM / Global Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Innovation & Digital Health Transformation / Healthcare Private Equity and Venture Capital backed companies / Privately and public held firms (for-profit) in the range of $10M to $500B / Start-up, Spin Offs, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises, turn-around operations / Multinational Blue chip organizations.


      C-Suite & Board Level Search / Board-Level and CEO appointments / Senior Vice President and VP roles / General Management appointments / Senior Directors & Directors / Middle Management Appointments / Engineers / Scientists / Specialists




      Commercial Marketing & Sales | Business Development / Health Economics & Market Access | Pricing & Reimbursement / Regulatory Affairs | Quality Management & Safety / Hospital Administration & Management / Medical Assignments / Scientific Research (Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical) / Preclinical & Clinical Development / Medical Manufacturing | Production, Prototyping & OEM / Bioprocessing | Pharmaceutical Engineering & Packaging / Health Care IT Management | Medical- & Bio-Informatics


      Mr. Scheuba shows an excellent and unique knowledge of international medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotech and health care markets in general. From his university background perspective, Elmar Scheuba is an international health economist and graduate of “health care management” master studies at International Management Center Krems (IMC) / Austria with the focus on international pharmaceutical management, international hospital management and international health care consulting.

      Mr. Scheuba possesses over 20 years of professional work experience during which he has had the opportunity to gain substantial financial health care experience as a global buy side equity analyst for an exclusive health care investment-boutique in Switzerland, where he was responsible for worldwide medical services research (hospitals, distributors, HMO’s, health care IT). During his several professional assignments he could also gain valuable experience in the endovascular medical devices industry at Medtronic Corporation and received an extensive insight in Novartis pharmaceutical Drug Regulatory Affairs (DRA) business. Apart from that, he was later performing as an international product manager for a leading European supplier of consumer medical products and could further contribute to Deloitte’s Life Science consulting business in Zurich where his profound industry expertise and personal dedication made him a valuable asset as a global subject matter expert for topics associated with medical devices, life science, pharma and health care providers.

      Prior to setting up his own global recruiting and executive search company Mr. Scheuba was able to successfully build up his strong personal competence in health care recruiting and executive search by performing as a European senior business manager for medical devices and pharma on board of two globally renowned major executive search companies, located in Germany and the UK respectively.

      Elmar Scheuba represents a high caliber manager and visionary leader in the following sub-industrial and functional executive search segments:

      Covered (Sub-)Industries:

      • Medical Devices, Surgical & Implantology
      • Pharma and Generics
      • Biotechnology, Cell Biology & Life Sciences
      • Medical Capital Equipment & Imaging Technology
      • Medical Diagnostics, Laboratory & Testing
      • Health Care IT, Digital Health & Medical Informatics
      • Dental Medicine & Orthodontology
      • Medical Rehabilitation and Robotics
      • Hospitals and Senior Residences
      • Consumer Healthcare
      • Animal Health and Veterinery Medicine
      • Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Food & Dietary Products
      • Health Insurance & Health Care Finance
      • Chemicals, Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals
      • Cosmetics, Perfumes & FMCG
      • Medical Automation, General Engineering & OEM
      • Micro & Nanotechnology, Material Sciences
      • Sports Medicine & Fitness
      • Health Care Consulting Industry
      • Health Insurance & Health Care Finance
      • Medical Communications & Advertising Industry
      • Health Tourism, Spa & Medical Travel
      • Alternative Medicine, Beauty & Well-Being
      • International Aid & Non-Profit Organizations
      • Medical Professionals

      Covered Functions:

      • Commercial Marketing & Sales | Business Development
      • Regulatory, Quality & Safety
      • Market Research & Business Intelligence | Medical Education
      • Scientific Advisory & Medical Education
      • Health Economics & Market Access | Pricing & Reimbursement
      • Scientific Research (Biotech & Pharma)
      • Clinical Discovery & Development
      • Medical Manufacturing, Production & Prototyping
      • Bioprocessing | Pharmaceutical Engineering & Packaging
      • Environmental Health and Safety | Occupational Medicine
      • Hospital Administration & -Management
      • Health Care IT Management & Informatics
      • Medical Controlling & DRG Management
      • Health Consulting & Health Advisory
      • Medical Communications, PR & Advertising
      • Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing
      • Controlling & Finance
      • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
      • Human Resources & Legal
      • Medical Assignments

      Representative Search Projects


      Mag. Martina Petzl

      Managing Partner


      Martina Petzl began her professional career after her studies of business management at the University of Graz. After a two-year stint with a marketing agency for tourism in Graz, she began working in the HRM department of the Bundesrechnungszentrum GmbH. Her scope of duties included personnel development, recruiting and personnel marketing as well as media and public relations on the job market.

      Furthermore, she was entrusted with designing and implementing various projects for the management board (e.g. HR and FM benchmarks, potential and employee satisfaction analyses, affirmative action plans, re-employment strategies after (maternal) leave, development of workforce compensation plans, re-organisation of personnel administration to SAP).

      Before venturing into freelance personnel consultancy, Martina Petzl worked at ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, on a comprehensive redesign of ORF’s HR management focusing on the development of “ORF-Recruiting” as the main service entity within the media enterprise.

      Due to her highly developed analytical abilities Martina Petzl can quickly master the most difficult problems and situations and conceive the suitable solutions. Her strengths also include a high sense of responsibility, cost and budget consciousness as well as relevant in-depth knowledge and dedication.


      • personnel development, personnel marketing as well as extensive support to businesses in all matters arising from personnel consulting.
      • Analysis of principal tasks and professional and general requirements of a position
      • Advertisement and data base research
      • Structured interviews
      • Research and direct approach
      • Selection assessment centers
      • Presentation of applicants and decision processes
      • Implementation of employee appraisal interview techniques
      • Development centers
      • Design of applicant’s communication
      • Design of advertisements

      In the course of a seminar on advertising and sales at Vienna University of Economics, Martina Petzl was able to delve into issues dealing with personnel marketing, corporate culture, corporate identity and design as well as with media and public relations.

      Martina Petzl has been a member of ISG since 2002. Due to her personal background in the city of Graz, her main geographical focus is southern Austria therefore offering services to the Styrian business community (computer and IT technologies, pharmaceutical enterprises as well as marketing firms and media).

      Motto: A problem is half solved if it is clearly stated.”


      Marisa Otto, BA LLB.oec



      Marisa Otto studied law, economics and sociology at the University of Salzburg. There she specialized in the areas of strategic management and personnel.

      After graduating, she began as a trainee in the ISG Executive Search team, which she has supported as a consultant in the search and selection of qualified candidates since 2013.


      • Consulting national and international clients about search strategies
      • Text formulation and layout of job advertisements
      • Research | Executive Search
      • Personnel search and Selection
      • Carrying out candidate interviews

      Motto: “Paths are made by walking them.” Franz Kafka


      Mag. Sabrina Kriechbaum

      Executive Search


      Sabrina Kriechbaum graduated in Socio-economics at the Vienna University of Economics. The study is a combination of Economics and Sociology with a specialization in Finance, international organization and personnel management. In order to deepen her theoretical knowledge, Sabrina Kriechbaum was employed at Bank Austria, as well as L’Oreal in Human Resources Management. In July 2006, Sabrina Kriechbaum started at ISG Personalmanagement GmbH as a consultant and she now works for a variety of national and international companies in different industries such as financial services, commerce, production etc.


      • Search and selection of specialists
      • Search and selection of executives with a focus on headhunting
      • Design and implementation of recruiting and promotion assessment centers
      • Coaching

      Since early 2009, Sabrina Kriechbaum has been an integral part of the executive search team in the direct approach of managers and professionals within the financial services industry and she now holds the position of senior consultant.

      Sabrina Kriechbaum supports her customers in the recruitment process for all related positions.
      Her motivation is a professional service for both clients and candidates. Her work style is characterized by trust, discretion, flexibility and quality.

      Motto: Carpe Diem”


      Dr. Richard Rudolf

      Executive Managing Partner & Head of Industry Sector Group


      After receiving a MSc degree in Atmospheric Science and a PhD degree in Experimental Physics from the University of Vienna, Mr. Rudolf joined the Austrian based Stölzle Group, one of the major European manufacturers of primary glass packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

      During the first years at the Stölzle Group Mr. Rudolf managed the business unit Medical, a profit center and commerce business serving universities, hospitals and drug stores with laboratory equipment and specific small scale packaging solutions.

      After intermediate career steps as Sales Director Austria & Switzerland and Director of Business Unit Pharma & Medical he finally took over full P&L responsibility as CSO of Business Unit Healthcare & Consumer, covering global sales of Pharma and Consumer packaging containers and solutions to international pharmaceutical accounts in EMEA, CIS, North-America, South-America and APAC.

      Having been member of the Executive Director Steering Team of Stölzle Group and member of the board of Stölzle Russia during a substantial period, Mr. Rudolf joined in 2014 Nipro Europe, an essential part of Nipro Corporation based in Japan. In his function as Business Unit Director he steered and organized sales of pharmaceutical primary packaging containers and prefilled syringes made from tubular glass within EMEA.

      Combining his passion for the healthcare industry with his long-lasting and thorough senior managerial experience, Mr. Rudolf decided in 2016 to join ISG Healthworld as Global Managing Partner.


      • Executive Search & Selection
      • New Client & Candidate Acquisition on Global Level
      • Recruitment of Professionals, Senior- & C-Level Managers
      • Robust Network within the Pharmaceutical Industry & Market
      • Professional, efficient & effective Cooperation with Clients and Candidates
      • Entrepreneurial Spirit | Passionate & Committed | Well-Organized
      • Wide Angel Business View | Analytic Best-In-Class Approach

      Peter Pliesovsky

      Managing Director


      Mr. Peter Pliesovsky is a Managing Director and Principal Consultant of ISG spol. s r.o., Slovakia.
      He is also a Managing Partner of ISG´s Automotive Sector Group. He has proven success in the search & selection assignments of executive staff and high-profile specialists for leading manufacturers, suppliers or engineering-partners in the automotive sector – with a focus on Central & Eastern Europe.

      Mr. Pliesovsky is a senior HR-professional, with more than 20 years of experience in a corporate human resources area (in HR areas including search and selection of employees, their training and development, compensations & benefits policies) and in HR-consulting (executive search, board services, specialists recruitment & various HR-development projects).

      His strong business background and profound knowledge of the marketplace in Western Europe, Slovakia and CEE countries make him an experienced professional in cross-regional projects in Europe, conducting numerous successful executive search projects for renowned international companies across sectors in Slovakia an in the CEE region.


      • University of Economics, Bratislava
      • Major: International Business


      Slovak, English, German, Hungarian, Russian

      Motto: „The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strenght, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will“


      Gabriele Wachter

      Managing Partner


      Gabriele Wachter began her professional career at Austria’s leading bank where she successfully worked as a credit advisor for a number of years before being promoted to senior consultant for commercial clients.

      During maternity leave, Gabriele Wachter graduated in economic sciences from the Open University in Hagen, Germany, focusing on HR, industrial and organisational psychology as well as financial management. In the course of her studies she specialised in personnel and organisational development, her main topic being questions arising from change management processes and the resulting resistance as well as the development of criteria for furthering their acceptance.

      Since mid-2000 Gabriele Wachter supports ISG’s team as a management consultant for Eastern Austria based in St. Poelten, Lower Austria. A growing number of customers from all areas of business ranging from the industrial to the service sector as well as non-profit organisations and commercial clients value her dedication, competence, power in implementation and pronounced empathy towards people.is not an empty phrase but a personal and professional imperative to her in daily business.


      • Search and selection of specialists and executives
      • Personnel development
      • Design and implementation of executive search projects
      • Design and performance of assessment centers
      • Conception and implemenation of outplacements
      • Consultancy and audit on family & career

      Motto: „Customers are entitled to the highest lasting quality.“


      Mag. (FH) Birgit Roschitz, MSc

      Managing Partner


      Birgit Roschitz started her career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Vienna, auditing international, listed group of companies, additionally with focus on insurance companies. She attended the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt and completed her degree in accounting and auditing, real estate management as well as in organisational development and human resources consultancy with excellence.

      Due to her insights gained in different sectors (industry, trade and commerce, services etc.) she enhanced her analytical structure-centered view of things. Furthermore she found her preference in solving the employees’ „troubles of communication“. Following Paul Watzlawick’s motto „you cannot avoid to communicate“ she graduated the study of mediation and conflict-management, is therefore listed at the Austrian ministry of justice and presently publishing her international master-thesis concerning chances of mediation within companies. At the same time she started her own business www.schlicht-roschitz.at

      During her maternity break she decided to work part-time for ISG in 2004, primarily to get knowledge of telemarketing and acquisition in addition to her longtime experience in the fields of bank, insurance, tax consultancy, auditing and accounting, controlling, project-management, start-up-consultancy and human resources consultancy. On the basis of her definitive interest in human resources management, her pleasure in contact with clients as well as her above-average personal effort she has been operating as managing partner of ISG with her own team and office in Guntramsdorf (Lower Austria) since 2006.


      • acquisition and customer care
      • personnel search and selection
      • headhunting
      • outplacement consulting
      • mediation and conflict-management within companies
      • It’s always the person who should be focused!

      Motto: Coming together is a beginningKeeping together is progress. Working together is success Henry Ford


      Efsane Tinel



      Efsane joined ISG as an Executive Consultant to cover banking and financial services industries and related consultancy businesses. She also covers finance, sales and marketing related positions and C- level suites in real sector companies; mainly in IT, retail, and fmcg, pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare.

      Being a highly experienced professional in banking industry, she has extensive experience in commercial, corporate, retail and consumer segments both in business and risk areas in various positions as well as experience in both local and global organizations.

      Before joining ISG team, in her last role as an Assistant General Manager, she led Commercial Banking in Citibank Turkey between January 2010 – June 2014 .She had successfully reengineered initially the middle market and then the whole business; right sized the organizational structure and turnaround the profitability of business under very challenging internal and global environment. Heavily engaged in optimization of the business. Due to efforts taken, the business showed significant growth and profitability under her leadership.

      Prior to this role, during acquisition of Yapı Kredi Bankası- the 4th largest private bank in the country by Kocbank (a partnership of Unicredit and Koc Group ); executed merger of the two banks’ Corporate Centers successfully and acted as the business manager of the bank’s largest and most profitable Corporate Center. During her role as Corporate and Commercial Vice President as well as at different managerial roles in her career, she implemented many startups, change management, right sizing and downsizing strategies related to operations, processes and engaged in various areas of people management issues like recruitment, performance management, assessment, talent-development, training, organizational structures and worked on developing common culture amongst the staff.

      Efsane is a dynamic and goal oriented person, passionate sales, marketing and services manager with a record of proven achievements. She is a very experienced risk manager with a balanced approach to risk taking. She is strong in building successful and efficient teams, drives the sales and marketing of different products in the most competitive markets, manages complex deals, relationships and risk successfully. She is the resourceful leader with significant senior management experience in multi-cultural environments. She is a leadership and team coach who dedicated her insight and experience to help people and organizations to change in a better way and reach their potential.

      Business areas:

      • Executive Search and Head Hunting
      • Organizational Development and Change Management
      • Assessments
      • Training and Development
      • Talent Management
      • Leadership, Sales, Teams and Specials

      Motto: “Prepare now, when opportunity arises it is too late”


      Eser Celik Ün



      After having graduated from the Sankt Georg Austrian High School, Eser studied Economics in the Istanbul University. She obtained her MSc degree in International Banking from Marmara University with a special focus on the establishment of performance management systems in banks.

      Eser started her professional career in the first and largest investment and development bank in Turkey. Between 1990 and 1996 she worked as a system development specialist in the Bank’s Renovation Project that aimed the restructuring of the procedures and processes of the Bank, thus enabling the creation of a more efficient Management Information System. In 1996 she was appointed to the Human Resource Management Department. She took part in the transformation of the former “Personnel Department” to a new HR management function with higher responsibilities and a broader vision. Her job involved some reformist actions such as the creation of a new salary and benefits system and the development and implementation of the performance evaluation methodology in the Bank. Eser was appointed as the Managing Director and the Board Member of the Banks Employees’ Assistance and Pension Funds in 2002. Reporting to the Board of Directors, she assumed full responsibility of the operations and activities performed by both Funds.

      Eser joined ISG-team in August 2013. Owing to her 22 years of professional experience, she has extensive knowledge in issues concerning Appraisal Techniques, Organizational Transformation, Work Law, Social Security and Health System and Foundations in Turkey.  Her experience contributes to the capacity building in ISG in the following areas:

      • Executive Search
      • Search and Selection
      • Organizational Development
      • Change Management
      • Restructuring
      • Labor Law
      • Outplacement
      • Talent Management

      Motto: “It’s about empathy and joy.”


      Nazan Kalelioğlu



      Nazan Kalelioğlu graduated from T.E.D. Ankara College and Hacettepe University with a B.Sc degree in Economics.

      Within her work experience over 25 years she mainly focused on:

      • Management of Foreign Trade
      • Material Management
      • Logistics Management
      • Project Management
      • Government Relation
      • New Business Development
      • EU Affairs

      She has extensive experience in the automotive industry, logistics sector and foreign trade. She worked for an international major automotive corporation for over 10 years with various managerial responsibilities in the areas mentioned above reporting to the General Manager. Miss Nazan has been rewarded with the ‘’ General Manager Recogniton Award’’ for a Logistics study.

      In addition to her functional responsibilities, she took part in local and international projects of the company which she enjoyed very much. Between the years 2002-2009 she worked as the Agean Region and Special Projects Manager of a well-known logistics company and later as the Operations Manager of an international natural-stone exporter.
      In September 2013 she joined ISG-team. Believing that ‘’human’’ is the most valuable asset of a company, she contributes in:

      • Executive Search
      • Search and Selection
      • Executive Coaching
      • Outplacement
      • Project Management
      • Trainings

      Motto : ‘’Imagination is more important than knowledge’’

      ‘’For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.’’ Albert Einstein.


      Nuray Zipak Vetr

      Managing Partner


      Nuray has an economic degree and worked initially 2 years for a corporate company as export manager. After that, she moved for many years to private banks, to support their stock exchange department, where she became the country operation manager for all branches in Turkey.

      Nuray is a lifelong learner and attends continuously seminars and courses to gain certified knowledge on personal development, motivation, organizational behaving, marketing & sales. She has the certificates from SPK (Capital Markets Board) Capital Market Activities Basic Level License, -Advanced Level License and Derivative Instruments License just to mention a few.

      Since 2013, she is a valuable member of ISG Personalmanagement and conducts national and international executive search projects and is a member of our finance and consultancy practice group.
      Nuray coordinates our Turkish subsidiary as a General Manager, speaks Turkish and English and focuses on:

      • Executive Search
      • Search & Selection
      • Career Counseling

      Motto: There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
      (Colin Powell)


      Selma Demir Tekinalp

      Partner & Head of Training & Development


      Selma Demir Tekinalp studied psychology at Boğaziçi University and then, completed business administration program in İstanbul University.

      In 1989, she started her career at Çukurova Group, the third biggest group with its 89 companies in Turkey; she was responsible from the training activities and the corporate communication activities at group level until 1996.

      Then, she worked for Akçansa Cement company, a joint venture of Heidelberger Cement and Sabancı Holding, as the Human Resources Manager for four years during its merger process.

      Between 2000 ve 2007, she worked for Antalya Airport Operator, owned by Fraport AG, as HR and Organizational Development Director, responsible for the functions of  human resources, total quality, corporate communications and medical services. By start of new operation period in 2007, she continued to work as HR and Organizational Development Director for the new operator of Antalya Airport – ICF Airports – which is a joint venture of Fraport AG and IC Group, until the end of 2012.

      During her 25 years of substantial experience in multi-national companies in service, industry, trade sectors; she carried out change management projects such as mergers, reorganization, insourcing, outsoursing, close down & start-up. She, also, designed tailor-made HR systems, corporate culture programs, employee engagement & motivation programs, assesment centers and training & development programs.

      She joined to rapidly growing ISG team in 2013 and provides services in her expertise areas :

      • Change Management
      • Corporate Culture
      • Employee Engagement & Motivation
      • Training & Development
      • Search & Selection
      • Assesments
      • Coaching

      Motto: “Lifetime learning and development…”


      Michael Zirbes

      Managing Partner


      Michael Zirbes is Managing Partner at ISG Personalmanagement Deutschland GmbH in Osnabrück/Münster, Germany. He is your nationwide contact for search and recruitment of executives and top specialists for your key position with a strong focus on the needs and requirements of medium-sized companies.

      For more than seven years, Michael Zirbes has been working successfully as a consultant in Executive Search and Recruiting. His market and industry competencies focus particularly on the industrial segments of mechanical engineering, metal processing, electrical engineering/electronics/building services, building and construction as well as retail and consumer goods.

      His main focus is:

      • Executive & professional search
      • Search & selection of specialists and executives
      • Main sectors of industry, building & construction, commerce & consumer
      • Function focus on technology & digitalization, production, sales & marketing, human resources


      Professional experience:

      Before his career in the Executive Search started, Michael Zirbes held leading positions in human resources management for more than 20 years, including functions as Head of HR, Division Manager of Human Resources and member of the executive board as well as Director of Corporate HR. His management and industry experience ranges from the steel industry and materials trading (ThyssenKrupp) to medium-sized manufacturing companies (engine construction) up to large retail companies (Ihr Platz drugstores, Fressnapf/MaxiZoo pet food).

      Due to many years of management and consulting experience, he is focused on understanding the particular requirements of medium-sized family business as well as the complexity of globally operating group companies and implementing them professionally in the search and selection of right candidates with the best „cultural fit”.

      Michael Zirbes is a trained teacher at secondary school and holds a degree as a business economist. In addition to his diverse professional activities, he is interested in history, literature and art. He finds a sporty balance through alpine hiking and fitness training.


      Motto: “It is not that we do not have a lot of time, but rather that we have a lot of time that we do not use.” (Seneca)


      Natalia Jamernik



      Natalia studied Business Management in London, where she specialised in Human Resource Management. After acquiring some HR experience in London and graduating she decided to come back to Austria. Shortly after Natalia was hired by ISG as a Recruitment intern, where she grew further admiration for recruiting. She was responsible for assisting her senior in hiring for various branches and her tasks included telephone screenings, interviews, as well as data base and social media head hunting. Here Natalia realised her passion for head hunting. She is currently working as a Researcher in the Executive Search team in ISG.

      Motto: “You only live once


      Udo Steininger

      Senior Consultant


      Perfekt im Auftreten und mit dem nötigen Gespür für den richtigen “Match” zwischen Auftraggeber und dem ideal passenden Kandidaten zählt Udo Steininger definitiv zu Österreichs besten Consultants für Recruiting und Executive Search. Im Kremser Team nimmt er seit vielen Jahren eine tragende Rolle ein und entwickelte den Standort auch zu einem bedeutenden Anteil selbst weiter.

      Mit Hartnäckigkeit Ausdauer und Durchsetzungskraft verbeißt sich Udo Steininger geradezu in seine Head Hunting und Recruiting Projekte und wird sowohl von Kundeninnen und Kunden sowie auch Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten für sein überdurchschnittliches persönliches Engagement und sein außerordentliches Maß an Einsatz geschätzt.

      Udo Steininger besetzt bereichsunabhängig sämtliche Fach- und Führungspositionen in ganz Österreich verteilt sowie auch im Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen ISG Kolleginnen und Kollegen in einer Vielzahl von europäischen Ländern. Udo Steininger kann selbst in besonders diffizilen Angelegenheiten als Garant für nachhaltige Erfolge herangezogen werden.

      Den kompletten Personalberatungsprozess von der Akquise über die Findung des richtigen Kandidaten durch die datenbankgestützte Suche sowie über Soziale Medien (Research, Active Sourcing, Head Hunting) bis hin zur finalen Besetzung in Unternehmen meistert Udo Steininger seit Jahren mit dem größten Erfolg und zur Zufriedenheit zahlreicher Kundeninnen und Kunden.

      Diskretion, Vertraulichkeit und Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe machen ihn zu einem geschätzten Gesprächspartner in sämtlichen beruflichen Angelegenheiten.


      • „Wer suchet, der findet.“
      • „Wenn du eine Lösung hast, die nicht auf dein Problem passt, dann ändere einfach das Problem.“

      Andreas Vetr

      Managing Partner


      Having joined ISG in 2009 as a Managing Partner for the ISG offices in Turkey. Mr. Andreas Vetr possesses profound experience in the Retail, Industry and in the Consultancy sectors. Previously he managed large teams up to 2.100 employees as Regional Manager and CEO for major fortune 500 corporations, but also invested in operations and led SEM’s and he comes to consultancy with a vast practical know how and experience to support our clients.

      His strong expertise, especially in the Turkish and D/A/CH + Li markets, makes him an asset to the entire ISG organization. Since joining ISG he developed our organization for Executive Search, Recruitment and Training & Development not only in Turkey, but supported also new countries and led their start to success.


      • Executive Search
      • Personal & Leadership Development
      • Organizational Development

      Quote: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”


      Marc Raczkowiak

      Managing Partner


      Marc Raczkowiak absolvierte zunächst ein betriebswirtschaftliches Studium. Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss führte ihn seine berufliche Laufbahn in die Personalberatung und in die Bau- und Immobilienbranche. Im Anschluss an den erfolgreichen Verkauf seines eigenen Unternehmens war er zuletzt als Mitglied der Geschäftsführung in einem Unternehmen der Baubranche tätig.

      Bereits zu Beginn seiner Karriere entdeckte er seine große Leidenschaft für die Personalberatung. Durch seine Erfahrungen sowohl auf Corporate als auf Beratungsseite kennt er die Herausforderungen bei der Suche nach den besten MitarbeiterInnen sehr gut. Er ist davon überzeugt, dass MitarbeiterInnen in jedem Unternehmen stets der entscheidende Erfolgsfaktor sind. Er unterstützt seine KundInnen aus der Bau- und Lebensmittelbranche erfolgreich bei der Besetzung offener Positionen im Bereich der Fach- und Führungskräfte.

      Seit 2023 ist Marc Raczkowiak Managing Partner der ISG Deutschland.


      Dr.-Ing. Jan-Dirk Glaser

      Managing Partner


      Jan-Dirk Glaser ist ihr ISG-Ansprechpartner im Bereich Recruiting von Fach- und Führungskräften und Executive Search mit Sitz am Standort München. Er hat in seiner Heimatstadt Bremerhaven nach dem Abitur eine Lehre als Industriemechaniker auf der Lloyd-Werft absolviert und war dann als Wehrdienstleistender in der Panzerinstandsetzung tätig. Anschließend studierte er an der Technischen Universität Braunschweig Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Fachrichtung Maschinenbau und promovierte im Anschluss im Bereich der Produktionstechnik. Er ist zudem internationaler Schweißfachingenieur und europäischer Klebfachingenieur. Jan-Dirk Glaser war insgesamt 20 Jahre als Führungskraft – zuletzt als Bereichsleiter – in internationalen Konzernen und dem deutschen Mittelstand tätig. Sein Schwerpunkt im Personalrecruiting liegt auf dem produzierenden Gewerbe – sowohl für den Mittelstand als auch den Konzern – der


      • allgemeiner Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
      • Automotive
      • Schienenfahrzeuge
      • Landmaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
      • Antriebs- und Automatisierungstechnik
      • Luftfahrttechnik und
      • Klebstoffherstellung, Kleb- und Dichttechnik


      • Recruiting von Fach- und Führungskräfte / Executive Search
      • Direct Search / Direktansprache geeigneter Kandidaten und Interviews
      • Coaching von Fach- und Führungskräften
      • Erstellung von Stellenbeschreibungen und Inseraten

      Motto: „Verwechsle niemals Bewegung mit Handeln.“ (Ernest Hemingway)


      Eckard Bathe

      Managing Partner


      As part of the recruitment process, Eckard Bathe looks very closely at the personality traits of the applicants and brings them into line with the corporate culture. It is important to find a candidate who, in addition to the professional qualifications, also personally suits the new colleagues. In order to achieve good cooperation and mutual appreciation, he sees his task, in addition to recruiting, in onboarding the candidates.

      For consulting projects, Eckard Bathe focuses on the strategic and organizational (new) development of a company using change processes. Methodologies from mediation are also used here.

      Eckard Bathe holds a degree in mechanical engineering (FH), business coach (certified DCV & Steinbeis University Berlin IfBE), personal coach (certified DCV), had many years of management positions and management in medium-sized companies and is a lecturer at DHBW Lörrach.

      Subject areas

      • Recruitment of specialists and managers
      • Change management
      • Personal development
      • Coaching managers in challenging situations

      Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Lothar Lenke

      Managing Partner


      Lothar Lenke studied business administration at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. Here he specialized in the areas of taxes, auditing and accounting.

      After graduation, he began his career in sales in the consumer goods industry and held various sales positions in renowned companies.

      The scope of activities of these positions included topics such as:

      • Strategic and operational sales management
      • Process development and change management
      • Service orientation, quality management
      • Establishment of new sales structures
      • Implementation of change management processes
      • Management of direct sales organizations

      In his last function as Managing Director within a service group, he successfully led the subsidiary company in Germany into the future and turned it into a company of market significance. During this time, numerous change processes were initiated, as well as numerous strategic decisions, for example with regard to market and company development, but also in the area of HR.


      Key areas:

      • Executive search, search and selection of specialists and managers
      • Design and support of change processes
      • Coaching of specialists and executives
      • Design and support of creative processes

      Motto: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford)


      Manuel Michel-Tur

      Country Manager France


      With over three decades of dynamic experience in the High Tech sector, Manuel has navigated various international sales executive roles at industry giants like , IBM, Oracle, and Software AG, as well as startups. He specializes in devising and executing high-growth strategies across diverse sectors, catering to a spectrum of clients ranging from startups to SMBs and Enterprise accounts.

      Passionate about cultivating top talent and fostering a culture of customer obsession, Manuel has a keen eye for identifying and recruiting exceptional individuals who drive innovation and deliver unparalleled service. His sensitivity to customer needs and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations have been instrumental in building enduring client relationships and fueling business success.

      Most notably, Manuel co-founded and nurtured a “move to cloud” consulting & services company, culminating in a successful merger with an Italian group before transitioning into an advisory capacity while maintaining a vested interest as a partner.

      A polyglot fluent in French, Italian, English, and Spanish, Manuel’s global perspective is enriched by two decades spent living and working across five different countries.

      Combining a Bachelor’s degree in Law & Political Sciences from Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne University with a Master’s in Business Administration from ISG Business School in Paris, Manuel possesses a unique blend of legal acumen and business expertise.
      His leadership ethos revolves around a proactive “do it first” approach, coupled with a collaborative team spirit. He champions cross-selling initiatives at local and regional levels, driving exponential growth by synergizing sales efforts and maximizing scalability.

      Motto: “Embrace the challenge, for the true failure lies in never daring to pursue success.”