Interview ISG France

David Gaussens
Country Manager
, +33 764 410 103

For the past year, David Gaussens has been the Country Manager of ISG France.

In this interview he talks about his career, the status quo and why swimming might be the key of success.

Mr. Gaussens, how did your career begin?

My career began 28 years ago, when I have enrolled in one of the best sales schools, Xerox. In retrospect, this has been the best choice I could have possibly made.

I continued in this field, moving on to the healthcare sector, specifically the medical technology industry, where I sold ultrasound systems for Toshiba. At the age of 28 years I took over a sales management position, later on for the country of France.

Having greatly benefitted from this experience, I eventually decided to join GE Healthcare – the leading company in medical imaging worldwide. In this position I focused on implementing a very specific management position, taking over responsibility for the general management of the overall division at 38 years of age. As a general manager, I was responsible for 130 people, which has been a life-changing experience, both personally and professionally. Another 12 years later, I moved on and became CEO at two further companies in France.

When did you decide to join the ISG?

One year ago I decided to start my own business in the Executive Search division. It was a perfect opportunity to work with my existing network and to further develop my own business with the partnership of a big player, the ISG, utilizing this unique international Executive Search background.

How did you get in contact with the ISG?

I wanted to develop myself professionally and was invited to various Executive Search positions at several other big companies. I have seen an advertisement of the ISG and got in contact with Dr. Richard Rudolf, who is the Global Head of ISG Sector Group Industry and Executive Managing Partner. The overall project and the idea of the International Service Group left a great impression, which is why I decided to join this company.

What is the current situation at the ISG France like?

I am based in the capital city of France and have seven consultants at the moment. These consultants have had previous professions as Sales Managers, General Managers etc. and have all been working in the operational field. Therefore, they have a broad experience and very good understanding of the difficulties that companies have to face when hiring well trained and talented people.

Which services does the ISG France provide?

We are mainly established in the area of Executive Search, which is our core business. The sectors we are focused on are Health Care, Industry, Cosmetics and Technology.

How is the ISG France positioned?

At the moment we are quite small in comparison to other big companies, the bigger players on the market. But there is a lot of potential to make a difference. With our specific profile and our biggest advantage, which is the fast pace and capacity to design the perfect profile for a company, we are able to distinguish and to position ourselves on the market. In combination with the extensive experiences of our consultants we have a decisive advantage.

It is also very important for us to create a Social Style Profile of all our candidates. This can be the crucial factor in an employment relation: the candidate may have a good CV, but there are also other social factors, which can influence the success of employment. We are also taking care of the Social Style Profile at higher levels, as we are eventually able to obtain better results in stability.

What is the labour market like in France at the moment?

The market is very dynamic and figures show that there will be growth in the next five years. At the moment we register an increasing demand of executive personnel.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the labour market?

Well, the government is very focused on promoting Île-de-France, Paris Region, as a suitable location for international companies. They encourage various companies to base their headquarters in this area. It is a profitable approach, especially in the means of economics.

What are your goals?

I want the ISG France to achieve a good reputation and to live up to their international one.

Do you have any special philosophy?

My philosophy comes down to having a well-balanced business and personal life. I am a really sportive person and I am swimming one kilometer every single day… you know, that is just it: having a well-balanced work and personal life is the key to success.