ISG has successfully arrived in LATAM markets

Since January 2019, ISG has concretized plans to widen its strategic focus in the LATAM region. Within the next two to three years, we intend to open additional offices and build up strong executive partnership structures in Latin America.

As of now, ISG is present in 5 LATAM countries (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay), heading for further important markets, like Argentina and Chile, next.

The current internal strategy for ISG’s structure and organization defines the LATAM region (South- and Central America) as one of the core zones for growth:

„In many LATAM countries, we can see a significant double-digit GDP growth, especially in the following segments: Healthcare, Financial Services & Banking, IT and Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Automotive, Building & Construction, Consumer Sector, etc.“, says Mr. Elmar Scheuba, M.A., Executive Managing Partner, Head of Sector Team Healthworld and responsible for the LATAM expansion.

“We have been receiving feedback from our international customers and have recognized the fact that we need to offer our services directly, no matter the location of a client. It is instrumental to provide our HR consultancy, especially in Recruiting and Executive Search, on the ground in LATAM markets as well”, Mr. Scheuba continues.

One of the significant advantages and USPs of ISG is its ability to provide consistent quality standards in its HR services at the local, regional, transnational and global level.

ISG therefore operates with a very clear sectorial focus and is now active in a total of 11 different industry sectors, each represented by a Head of Sector Group and specialized advisors.

The next step for ISG will be the implementation of Executive Managing Partnership structures in the above-mentioned countries.“The individual executive partners then will have the task to build up teams, comprising different local sector specialists, who will be able to advise our national and international customers in LATAM- and sector-specific HR questions”, explains Mr. Scheuba.