#ISGsupportnow Part 10

Facial expressions work – despite or even because of the masks!

Back in the office, on the street, while shopping: the look in the face of our opposite is currently different than before: a face with a mask – we mainly see the eyes – the facial expressions of mouth and nose we can only guess at. Of course this has an influence on the way we see our opposite number AND also how we are seen.

The eyebrow tells us very reliably how our conversation partner feels at the moment!

Here are some tips on what the different eyebrow positions can mean:

Tips to be clearly and unambiguously understood, even with a mask:

  • Greeting the other person.

Emphasize your smile extra strongly: the movement of the smile pulls our cheeks upwards – this is also clearly visible under the mask.

Furthermore: your eyes are laughing with you!

  • Talking to the other person

If you want to show feelings, allow them – for all feelings, the eyebrows play an important role. These are also clearly visible with a mask and achieve the greatest effect in visual communication. Also use your whole body to emphasize your words – hands, gravity, legs, …

  • Speak extra clearly!

This way your mouth movements are also transmitted via the facial muscles and are “visible” under the mask