#ISGsupportnow Part 11

Become your own consultant…

It is often easy for us to recognize what needs to be done in others’ situations, while we get lost in the labyrinth of thoughts and trivialities of our own problems.

With the help of simple coaching tools, we can also use our solution competence for ourselves:


  • As soon as you realize that you are going around in circles with a problem, get up, open a window, drink a glass of water and find a place in the room from which you can have a good view of your workplace from a distance.
  • Now imagine that you could travel through time and suddenly find yourself in the future at the moment when you will have eighter solved the current problem well or you have overcome it in an acceptable manner.
  • Make a quick check inside yourself. How do you feel, when the problem is overcome? Maybe relieved, or proud? Maybe more selfconfident or lighthearted? Is it worthwhile to go there?
  • Now look at your workplace and imagine that you are sitting there in the present. Try – as your own consultant – to have a constructive and strengthening effect by giving advice to yourself on what kind of things you should avoid and what you should rather do next to trigger changes for the better. Remind yourself that you have already mastered quite different situations and that you can also manage this one. 
  • If necessary, get help – not every challenge has to be mastered on your own!