Atilla Başuslu, from Adana, Türkiye, is a seasoned professional with extensive experience living and working in Turkey since 2008. Throughout his tenure, he has provided invaluable assistance to both national and international corporations, specializing in mid and top management positions. In February 2024, Atilla joined the rapidly expanding ISG Team, where he currently assumes the role of regional sales director for executive search and business development.

Having immersed himself in various fields within Turkey, Atilla has gained invaluable intercultural knowledge, enabling him to offer exceptional services to foreign companies operating in the country. His profound understanding of the Turkish business landscape and expertise in crucial organizational areas make him an ideal and capable partner for addressing your personal business concerns.

Atilla specializes in the following business areas in Turkey

  • Executive & Direct Search
  • Assessment & Development
  • Business Development, Change & Transformation
  • Training & Development, Coaching Executives

Motto: “Helping others to get what they really want,” reflects his unwavering commitment to assisting individuals and companies in achieving their goals”