Imren Oğuz completed her undergraduate education at Ege University, Department of Economics and her master’s degree in Psychology at Ege University.

İmren Oğuz, whose project work is on “Women in Working Life and the Obstacles They Face” in her graduate education, attaches importance to raising awareness on gender equality.

She has gained experience in recruitment, training, organization and performance management processes in international companies for more than 7 years. She conducted processes such as employee engagement evaluation, suggestion system setup, performance system setup and management, strengthening of in-house communication tools and online training system integration. She has been contributing to ISG Consulting as a Recruitment Consultant / Partner since 2020.

Imren’s dream, whose greatest passion is “to understand the human”; It is to help people build a life that suits their own meaning.

The areas that she aims to contribute in ISG:

  • Search & Selection and Placement
  • Outplacement
  • Talent management

People’s birth is not only the day their mother gave birth to them; life forces them to rebirth theirself over and over again.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez