Katerina Manou joined ISG as a Managing Partner for Greece & Cyprus and brings extensive experience in senior management roles in the services sector.

Her engagement with managing both at the functional and senior levels stretches over more than two decades and a variety of industries with emphasis on hospitality and property development and management. In particular, Katerina has utilized experiences she made early in her career in the airline, travel agencies, and hotel business, by applying the key principles of the services sector to a niche market, prop-tech (property and technology), that has revolutionized the office space industry

She has spearheaded business development by pursuing an aggressive growth plan across a large region embracing different work styles, cultures and economies.

Katerina has been involved in tasks across the board – from overseeing day-to-day operations to strategic elaboration and implementation. She has managed multi-tasking, multi-cultural teams and intra-organizational communication, and have been overall responsible for managing budgets reporting directly back to the Board of Directors. This has provided her with the knowledge of how businesses ‘tick’, but has also endowed her with an ability to ‘see the bigger picture’, or, put differently, allowed her to couple an in-depth insight of business projected against its ever-more complex long-term context.