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Meet the team behind Düsseldorf / Dortmund

Dietmar Wurzel

Managing Partner


Dietmar Wurzel is managing partner of ISG Personnel Management GmbH in the region of Dusseldorf / Dortmund. With his Master of Business Administration / B.A., he first worked after his studies in the Frankfurt headquarters of a department store comapny in the department of “Personnel management and personnel controlling.”

Coming with a large-company view, he was supposed to reform the human resources management of his next employer, a leading IT service provider in healthcare. This resulted in a multi-layered process of continuous improvement, which brought a paradigm shift in management philosophy and thus sustainable business success.

For a manufacturer of plastic transport packaging Dietmar Wurzel was responsible for personnel management and recruiting, and as deputy manager for logistical and quality related processes.

In his last position as the leading employee within an automotive group, he led factory controlling and had influence on rationalization and investment decisions.

Since 2004 Dietmar Wurzel has been an independent entrepreneur. In addition to human resources management consulting as a partner of ISG Personnel Management Ltd, he advises customers as the owner of of IDL idea management services: how companies can consistently use the potential of their employees through a multiplication of the qualitative and quantitative idea quota. Five of the six largest companies in Germany have taken part in his seminars for optimizing idea-management systems.

Individual coaching is another passion of his in which he guides people to their personal and professional breakthrough.

His consulting focus:

  • Search & Selection of specialists and managers / Executive Search
  • Optimization of idea-management systems that lead to a personnel-cost compensation effect (high savings totals per employee per year)
  • Change Management
  • Coaching of specialists and executives for further development and crisis management
  • Newplacement

Motto: “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein


Marc Raczkowiak

Managing Partner


Marc Raczkowiak absolvierte zunächst ein betriebswirtschaftliches Studium. Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss führte ihn seine berufliche Laufbahn in die Personalberatung und in die Bau- und Immobilienbranche. Im Anschluss an den erfolgreichen Verkauf seines eigenen Unternehmens war er zuletzt als Mitglied der Geschäftsführung in einem Unternehmen der Baubranche tätig.

Bereits zu Beginn seiner Karriere entdeckte er seine große Leidenschaft für die Personalberatung. Durch seine Erfahrungen sowohl auf Corporate als auf Beratungsseite kennt er die Herausforderungen bei der Suche nach den besten MitarbeiterInnen sehr gut. Er ist davon überzeugt, dass MitarbeiterInnen in jedem Unternehmen stets der entscheidende Erfolgsfaktor sind. Er unterstützt seine KundInnen aus der Bau- und Lebensmittelbranche erfolgreich bei der Besetzung offener Positionen im Bereich der Fach- und Führungskräfte.

Seit 2023 ist Marc Raczkowiak Managing Partner der ISG Deutschland.



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