At ISG India, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of professional support and expertise in the recruitment of qualified professionals. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience guiding prospective candidates through the entirety of the recruiting process.

Our team in India is specialized in recruiting healthcare and IT professionals, as there is an abundance of personnel with excellent technical expertise, experience and knowledge of the German language.

We have a particular focus on recruiting qualified nursing professionals for healthcare institutes in Europe. Our consultants on site maintain close collaboration with local nursing schools, actively identifying and nurturing a diverse pool of potential candidates who are willing and prepared to relocate and learn the language of the destination country.

We are committed to selecting the most qualified candidates to meet the specific needs of our clients and we strive to do so within a short timeframe. As part of our service, we assist with interview preparation as well as with necessary bureaucratic processes such as visa application, recognition of certificates, accommodation in the destination country and further more.

The success of our project is evidenced by the placement of numerous highly skilled nurses from the Indian market into various healthcare institutions in Germany.

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Meet the team behind India

Priyant Mane, M.Eng.

Managing Partner


As a seasoned professional with a postgraduate degree in engineering, I offer over 23 years of extensive experience in both engineering and IT domains. Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills and expertise in portfolio, program, and project management, which has enabled me to orchestrate and oversee complex initiatives with precision.

My journey has given me the privilege of witnessing the entire horizon of development plus the supply chain operations, allowing me to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. I take pride in my ability to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and drive efficiency within this intricate landscape.

One of my key strengths lies in talent acquisition. With a knack for identifying top-tier talent, I’ve successfully recruited and built high-performing teams across various industries, including healthcare, automotive, industrial, IT, and manufacturing. I understand the unique demands of these sectors and can tailor my approach to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Let’s collaborate to leverage my wealth of experience and expertise, driving success and achieving your project goals. Together, we can chart a path to excellence.



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