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Our consultants support you throughout Latvia in almost every province. Our staff has well-founded, extensive, and diverse know-how in virtually all industries and occupations, as well as many years of experience. As a full-service provider in all personnel matters, we offer services in the areas of executive search, personnel consulting, personnel development, potential analysis, outplacement and temporary work.


Meet the team behind Latvia

Peter Wadsholt

Country Manager


Peter Wadsholt is Country Manager in ISG Sweden, ISG Finland and ISG Latvia.

He has degrees in Law, Computing, Economics and NLP and 28 years of experience from Danish and international companies as Business Builder, Sales Executive, Executive Management and Lawyer.

Peter recruits across all management disciplines providing clients with a tailored search, advertised selection, recruitment support and assessment solutions as required. Furthermore, he can offer tailored outplacement support adjusted to the individual needs of employees.


Peter is a member of the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce (Dansk-Tysk Handelskammer / Deutsch-Dänische Handelskammer) and is an expert in cross-border recruitment between Denmark, Germany and Sweden.


Jelena Stepanuka

Managing Partner

Augusta Deglava street 51-10
LV-1035 Riga


Jelena Stepanuka began her professional career in the second year of her undergraduate program, immediately determining that HR is something that will never allow her to say that her working day will be boring. The most attractiveness factor was the ability to help people to choose most suitable profession and help them to find motivation to achieve new goals.

Jelena immediately identified her field of work – recruitment. This specialization excites: the ability to understand desires and possibilities of a candidate during several interviews and tests, monitoring further career growth of the employee, always provide basis for analysis and conclusions for improving the quality of work for both: candidate and for the whole team.

Jelena began her career as recruiter and labor protection specialist in one of the local banks. For 5 years, developing her skills and, at the same time, finishing her education in the University of Latvia in the field of International Economic Relations. The obtained master’s degree and 5 years of experience in a financial institution helped her to realize that there are no limits in the development in HR area, and that she wants to have more new experience and expand her knowledge in this field.

Jelena moved to recruitment and personnel lease company named “Biuro”, the leader in the Baltic countries, thereby identifying new areas of development for herself as a recruitment specialist for various companies, managing her team, understanding and implementing recruitment projects, which includes not only selection, but also further work with the client on a long-term basis.

In parallel with her work at “Biuro”, Jelena began working on her own project and developing her own company. During the first year, the company managed to achieve significant profit, taking into account the minimum investments. Over the years, the company has successfully developed and increased the number of purchased agricultural machinery.

In 2016 Jelena was invited to work for a new market player, which provide consulting, management and family office services all over the world. The company provides a wide range of services and which gave Jelena opportunity to learn and participate in a variety of projects of an international scale, allowed not only to develop her skills in the recruitment and personnel management around the world, but also to work on projects in various fields: legal, real estate, registration and management of funds and trusts, registration of companies in different countries, work with payment institutions and everything that may be connected to the service of a family office. Three years later, company decided to transfer part of the office from Riga to Budapest, where Jelena was invited to continue her work.

The desire to be a professional in what you do is what motivated Jelena to join the ISG team in order to bring knowledge to the company, as well as learn from the experience gained by specialists from 35 countries of ISG team to offer a new level of service to customers in Latvia.

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