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Our consultants support you throughout the Netherlands. Our staff has well-founded, extensive, and diverse know-how in virtually all industries and occupations, as well as many years of experience. As a full-service provider in all personnel matters, we offer services in the areas of executive search and personnel consulting.


Meet the team behind Netherlands

Peter Korver

Managing Partner


Peter Korver is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in business administration. Throughout his career, he has held prominent positions as a managing director and sales director for renowned companies such as Nike and Puma, among others. Additionally, he has excelled as an interim manager, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in diverse environments.

Peter’s expertise lies in the dynamic industries of sports, fashion, outdoor, and lifestyle. His proficiency encompasses various aspects including sales, marketing, finance, operations, and HR within these sectors. Notably, his greatest passion lies in working with talented individuals and identifying the right candidates for optimal job placements. He firmly believes that connecting companies with suitable personnel is the key to fostering fruitful, long-term, and sustainable collaborations. Peter recognizes that the success of any organization ultimately hinges on its people, and he consistently emphasizes the pivotal role employees play in achieving excellence.

The Netherlands has always been a vital market for numerous international clients of ISG. Capitalizing on our team’s expertise in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retail, we are well-equipped to deliver the finest service imaginable.



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