Sector Group - Industry

Our Sector Group „INDUSTRY and AUTOMOTIVE“ was founded, to merge the extensive experience of our consultants, which they have gained over years, with the specific needs of our ISG Clients. That specific know-how in this area constitutes a huge advantage and one of our unique selling propositions for our clients. We strive to offer the best price-performance ratio for our national and international customers. Our daily business focus is to serve our clients effectively and to sustain their ongoing success.

In the branches INDUSTRY and AUTOMOTIVE we are quite diversified and cover a broad range of positions, like plant and mechanical engineering, metal construction and engineering, the electrical industry, car manufacturing and automotive suppliers and so on.


  • Constructors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Production- and Manufacturing Managers
  • Sales-Managers
  • Supply-Chain Managers
  • General Managers
  • Purchasers
  • Resident Engineers
  • Human Ressources Manager

Our consultants look forward to meeting you personally to assess your specific needs.


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Team Industrie

Richard Rudolf  


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Rudolf Richard