#ISGsupportnow Part 15

From the „Pool- to the Pole-Position“!

After the summer and vacation season, many people ask themselves one question – how to make a successful and dynamic start into the fall? What challenges are we facing as an organization and how do we manage to get off to a good start as a team with motivation and confidence?

Use the time for a retrospective!

Together with your team you will review the past months and define new ways & measures for the future.

  • START – What is missing and what do you want to implement?
  • STOP – What hinders and what do you want to stop?
  • KEEP – What has proven itself & what do you want to keep?
  • LESS – What do you need less of?
  • MORE – What do you need more of?

The „STAR-FISH-Method“

  • Analysis of the last months – what went well/less well in business and teamwork?
  • Reflection according to the “STAR-FISH method” – what will be needed in the future?
  • Which topics result from this? And what concrete measures do you want to agree upon?