#ISGsofortsupport Part 8

Tips for confident, virtual communication

  • Eye contact in webcam
    Stick two round stickers as „eyes“ on the left & right side of the webcam
  • Caution with second screen
    Always look on the screen where the webcam is placed for your video calls and barely look at the second monitor
  • Webcam at eye level
    Use books to raise your laptop
  • Upright, open posture
    Sit up straight, check posture regularly and use screen at the correct height
  • Winning gestures
    Select the picture section so that the upper body and hands are also visible
  • Clear agenda & moderated process
    Outline the agenda in advance and stick to the agenda
  • Show confidence
    Go down with tonality at the end of the sentence
  • Relationship management at the beginning & end
    “How you doing?” at the beginning and “What are you doing today?” at the end of videoconference call