Networking of successful Austrian women in Spain

ISG partner Sabine Wimpissinger as speaker at the Austrian Networking in Madrid

The Austrian Embassy in Madrid invited to an event titled “Networking of successful Austrian women in Spain”. Sabine Wimpissinger, partner of ISG Personalmanagement GmbH, participated as a speaker.

As a successful HR specialist, Sabine Wimpissinger reported in a keynote presentation on her experiences with the recruitment of women and on the importance of the German language in recruitment within Spain.

With regard to the recruitment of women, Spain is relatively far ahead of the EU average. With a 46 percent share of women in the labor market, the ratio is very similar to that in Austria. However, the higher unemployment rate in Spain must be included in these considerations, resulting in changed absolute figures.

Spanish employers generally have a very positive image of Austrians, Germans and Swiss. Being proficient in the German language is essential in some cases, such as when taking up a job in tourism, as an interpreter, German-speaking teacher and for some jobs in German-speaking companies.

However, it should be noted that although German is often seen as an asset – especially in German-speaking companies – professional competence is also significant and ultimately often decisive. It is therefore also very important in Spain to clearly demonstrate all existing professional competencies, which, including the German language, are evaluated as a complete package.

In addition to Sabine Wimpissinger’s presentation, there were also keynote speeches by Monika Wall from the Foreign Trade Center Madrid and the Austrian Honorary Consul Carmen Diez Del Sel in Bilbao.

We are pleased that our colleague represented ISG on site and gave valuable input!