Head hunting research – a typical job for students – evolved into more than just a sideline when Claudia Gschiel moved from Vorarlberg to Vienna some 20 years ago.

Concurrent with her studies of English and History to become a teacher, she worked with a renowned Personnel consulting agency in telemarketing and research as early as 1993. Her work proved to be such a success that she was recruited by ISG Personalmanagement in 1999.

From 2000, Claudia Gschiel focused her work at ISG on headhunting research assignments of specialists and executives for various projects in all areas of trade. While closely co-operating with the respective senior advisor, she was able to expand her expert knowledge to a growing number of areas and markets.

Due to growing demand in all fields pertaining to executive search, Claudia Gschiel has headed an efficient and competent research team since 2005 with whom she enthusiastically shares her expert knowledge on a regular basis.

Motto: Love it, change it or leave it”