Ferdinand Kamenicky started his professional career on a trainee program at Citibank, where he was soon entrusted with management responsibilities as Financial Controller, Senior Branch Operations Officer and Relationship Manager for multi-national corporate customers. Following that he was the Managing Director and Chairman of Citibank in Retail Banking.

In the following challenging years as Project Manager and Senior Director for Sales Strategy at Creditanstalt, he obtained experience in the merging of departments and banks.

As a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Volksbank Krems-Zwettl AG, he became familiar with the special nature and strengths of regional banks in multi-layered bank structures.

Since 2005 Ferdinand Kamenicky is an independent company consultant, a qualified coach and registered mediator (specialisations: corporate culture, the costs of conflict, generation conflicts etc.) and since the middle of 2011 has been supporting his customers, as an ISG partner, in the following areas:

  • Personnel consulting – Recruiting specialists and executives both nationally and internationally
  • Executive search for sector experts
  • Outplacement/new placement coaching and job application consulting
  • Resolving inner company conflicts/mediation and corporate and conflict culture

Motto: “Clarity before harmony.”